the love of money is the root of all evil? or is it?

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  • Golf

    The love of 'fiat' money? Boy are people in or a big surprise. War makes for good business.


  • Spook

    Money is a game. Playing the game can get you only the results of the game. Sometimes it's a game worth playing. I prefer the game of good life for all with nobody left behind. Making a personal distinction of money as a means of exchange and a culture of consumerism based on money as an expression of value has brought me peace.

  • outoftheorg

    Having money and working to obtain money, has brought much more happiness than destitution ever has or ever will.


  • trevor
    The love of money is the root of all evil?

    This is an idea put about by people who seek control over others through religion.

    It is aimed at keeping whole populations content in their poverty, while working to promote their churches. The churches in turn grow very rich by taking money of the people they have trained to not love money.

    The power seekers claim that they do not love the money as it belongs to God. They just spend it while others go in need.

  • Satanus


    I agree. Money is the universal language. It is magical. Even though nowadays it's just paper for the most part, or even electronic signals, it can be turned into almost anything. Capitalism, as much as i dislike the corporate techniques currently being used, is better for mankind than any of the other isms.

    War is also business, really profitable business. Too bad more of the grunts don't realise for what they are fighting. Anyway, wars are carefully engineered to remove obstacles to grand business enterprises, the removal of something that blocks the further exploitation of natural or human resources.

    The peace you talk about in a drug lords territory is the peace of the gun, you step out of line you die. The same peace brought by the Soviet Union to Eastern Europe.

    All govt is based on that same principle, even the american one. Just try taking a serious stand against the federal govt, and you will discover this for yourself. Ok, you may not die, but you will dicover this.


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