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  • orangefatcat

    After much though and prayer I have decided to request a reinstatement.

    You are probably think is she nuts. Well no I am not. Let me explain my reasoning. It may be a tad long but please bare with me on this.

    I am planning to write this to every memeber of the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses "
    Okay here goes,

    Dear Brother So and so.

    The reason I am wrting to you today is to ask you do reverse the decsion on my disfellowshipping. Here are my reasons for this request.

    It came to my attention over the couple of years that members of the Governing Body signed an Afflication with the UN as an NGO. I am completely thrown by this.

    How is that you can be a memeber for over ten years with the UN and justify yourself to the world of Jehovah's witnesses. I am appauled that for over 10 years your association with the Devil's organization the, "image of the wild beast the UN". And have fornicated with the other religions of the world and its empire as the Harlot who sits on the wild beast. How are you able to have committed this disgusting fornication/adultrey, pornia with this organization (UN) that is an, "enemy to God's so called true people" ? How do you live with yourself for having sinned for years and years. You have committed one of the most disgusting sins. How does it sound and make you feel that you fornicated/adulterized yourself with the Devil's organization? Are you taking the necessary steps to be disfellowshipped for your 10 year relationship with the UN? Or has there been any disfellowshipping for this deplorable sin of fornication? I am going out on a limb here and say you have just ignored your sins.

    Oh I know you have tried to justify your sinful relationship with Satan's Organization buy trying to utilize certain word such as a registered member. No matter how you cut it, it is still an evil association with Satan and his hoards. Truly many in the Organization will say the same thing as I am saying. Not only is your association with the Devil's organization your sin of pornia but you also have locked yourself out of God's Kingdom. Could you imagine Jesus being involved with the political figures in his day. He himself said the Kingdom's of the World are owned by Satan and thus he refused to bow down to the Devil. Ten years of sinning is pretty much evil as it gets.

    I can not fathom such disgust, and I can well imagine the pain you have caused Jesus Christ.

    You may say I didn't sign to be an affiliate of the UN, but you were aware of it. The Organization is now aware of it and trying to shoove it under a carpet with your eloquent and sauve words will not fool anyone.

    I want to explain to you about my own disfellowshipping. First of all, I wasn't present for my disfellowshipping due to illness. I was informed by my now ex husband that I had seven days to contact the Presiding Overseer and arrange for a Judical Committee hearing. You must be wondering for what was I disfellowshipped. Well it was adultrey/ fornication/ pornia.

    I committed this sin one time only, that is right Once. Now with out the Judical committee, as I had declined due to illness, but did however provide a written letter for the JC explaining what happened. I was terrible sorry for what sin I had committed and not wanting to diminsh my error, I feel that my being disfellowshipped in absentia was not fair. In the past six years since my leaving not one elder has ever appoached me. They know where I live.

    It is my feeling that I may have never went back to the Kingdom Hall because I didn't want to be a hypocrite. But I feel I was unjustly disfellowshipped. I repaired my live and I married the man that I had erred with. He was and is not nor will ever be a JW. but thats not the point. If Jehovah God forgave David for murdering Uriah and committing fornication or pornia with Beth Sheba, surely an organization that claims it is the true religion, then I want to be re-instated immdiatley, without any meeting before a JC. I feel that you and your rules for disfellowshipping are not justified. If that were the case then every one of you who was aware of your association with Satan's Organization should have been disfellowshipped and made public. My sin was one error, yours was for 10 years.

    Surely your rule of disfellowshipping is not to be found in scripture, it should be abolished. The Organization has destroyed my life with my family. Today I have an elderly mother who is ill and three wonderful sisters who mean so much to me and you have caused them and all other witnesses to alienate me and many other disfellowshipped persons.

    You have no idea the grief you bring to the lives of people, and I for one feel my disfellowshipping was unjust and I want to re-instated so that I can be with my family again.

    Have any of you lost your families for your sins? Are you without sin.?

    Jesus Christ said if you are without sin cast the first stone.. at ( this prostitute.) Surely by the grace of undeserved kindness the prostitute was spared so shouldn't you and the Organizaion show this same sort of mercy. It is only by God's grace and that of his Son we will attain Salvation.

    I know that you probably will not have even read this letter and that is okay. If you think of me as an apostate so be it . But remember this your defilement with the Devil is greater than any sin I have ever committed.


    Well what is your thoughts on this matter??

  • ButtLight

    Wow, wish I had written that.

    Are you really going to send it? You probably wont get a reply, you'll be lucky if they even read it.

  • fairchild

    I know that you probably will not have even read this letter and that is okay.

    Bingo! I doubt that they read a letter as this one all the way to the end, but I wish you luck. You brought up some very valid points. If you would like the letter edited, please send me a pm, I'll be happy to do it for you.

  • Honesty

    Great Letter!!!

    But why wait to get it out in the open? Buy advertising space in the local newspaper and run it for a week. That will get the point across and most of the local JW's will read it all the way to the end because of the sordid details you have provided.

  • orangefatcat

    Will they really print a story like this about JWS.? I have never seen anyone do that before. I think to it may cost a little money and maybe it might be better if I copied several and placed them under the wipper blades of cars. What do you think?


  • Honesty

    We always put our apostate literature in the gas tank compartment at the KH so the MS's don't know the hall has been ApostaBombed until they stop for gas and realise all the cars were infiltrated by the Truth Squad.

  • Brummie

    The letter is great OFC, however I sincerely doubt the Media would be interested due to the nature of religious interpretation it contains. Delete the religious references and they may be interested.

    The media are more interested in the emotional effect and the destructive side of the relgion upon ones family life than they are in religious ideas.

    JWs might find your letter more helpful though, they would understand it more.

    well done


  • orangefatcat

    Thanks Brummie, you are so sweet and you always put a smile on my face.

    luv you


  • orangefatcat

    Wow Mom!! Im forwarding to this dad HAHA

    Love you

  • Brummie

    Hey OFC, what if you sent that letter and they wrote back saying they had listened to your appeal and had consequently reversed your disfellowshipping????

    You would have to comb your hair down to go back to meetings

    x x x


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