Jealousy in a couple, good or bad?

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  • Rabbit


    Lots of perfumes or men's colognes over the years began to really bother my allergies, I got to where I rarely wore any, because, it would stop up my nose. The X was always after me to wear a particular brand, finally, I tried a sample at a store...when I got home the questions started: "Where have you been, why are you wearing cologne..." After that died down I discovered I could wear that one brand she liked. I thought she would be happy...NOT ! "Why this sudden interest in smelling nice ? I've tried for years to get you to wear that, why now, huh ? Is there something you're not telling me ? Is there someone else ???" *sigh* "No, dearest. I thought it would make you happy." the Bible says rightly, "Is a rotteness to the bones."


  • FlyingHighNow

    Rabbit, have a hug, I understand how that feels.

    Wagoner, I think your wife is probably a lot like me, she doesn't mind women that she personally likes, but the ones that rub her the wrong way, well that's a different story. I want to clarify though that Andy and I don't live the lifestyle you do. I wonder if I there would be a lot more jealousy involved if that were the case. I realize it takes very secure and deeply bonded people to live as you do and stay happy and well adjusted.

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