So many things I want to know . . .

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  • JW83

    Hmmm ... Try Free Minds for the cdrom. As for Masons - I too have that question! Apparently it's all secret ...

  • Carmel

    Masons are clear cylindrical objects made of melted sand with one open end into which objects, usually edibles, are placed for storage. Often rubber gasketed lids are screwed onto the open end to seal in the contents.

    carmel who aims to please

  • hubert

    In my research on J.W.'s, I've come across "Masons"..."Freemasons".

    Similar as clubs, like Elks club, American Legion, although these are not cultish, IMHO.

    If I remember correctly, Masons are considered by many as a cult type organization. I don't know a lot more about it. Do a search on it, and you should come up with something more on it.

    Good (funny) post, by the way.

    The dog humps air, because he has no hands.


  • pennycandy

    So much sarcasm on one little discussion board. Amazing.

    Thanks everyone for your answers. I am much more enlightened.

  • fairchild

    Hi pennycandy, I won't be much help, but will give it a try.

    1. How do you pronounce Jaracz? This is an easy one. It depends where you are from. Every name gets pronounced differently in different languages. So if you ever say Jaracz out loud and someone says you are pronouncing it wrong, you can always say that you are pronouncing it the Arabian way.

    2. Where can I get a copy of the latest WT cdrom without going to a KH? If you make a separate thread about this, I'm sure there will be someone around here to provide you with a copy.

    3. In 20 words or less, what are Masons? Really, I don't know. I don't know either, and almost asked in a different thread. I believe they are the names of people, but I don't know who they are. There is a Mason family a few miles down the street from where I live, but I'm sure those are not the ones people are talking about.

    4. Where did the phrase "spot on" come from all of a sudden? Is it new? Thank you very much, you made my day. I have to write a short piece by Wednesday and couldn't come up with a subject. Now I have one. Spot on is is just another ring in the chain of language. Back in medieval times, it meant painting with mud, but they had not come up with a word for it yet. When a knight wanted to have his shield painted, he'd have his friends help. They would throw mud all over the shield and he'd stand there, yelling... spot on, spot on, spot on.. Nowadays, the words have no meaning when used by themselves but they can become meaningful, as well as useful when more words are added. You have a spot on your shirt. After doing my nails, I saw a spot on them that wasn't covered. You need to take care of that spot on your legs, it looks like a sore.

    5. Why do I make a face like I'm shaving when I put on mascara? This can be avoided by not putting on mascara.

    6. Why do I make the same face when I shave my legs? It must be your shaving face. I'm about to take a bath, will pay attention to it, I don't know if I make a face while shaving my legs or not, but I don';t think so.

    7. Why does my dog hump air? Is it really enjoyable? Who knows, you might want to give a try and see if you enjoy it.

    8. When I let someone in front of me while driving and receive obligatory thank-you wave, why do I automatically give an acknowleging nod even though I know they can't see it? Because of the action and reaction law of nature. When you put a weight on an old scale, the side with the weight will go down and the empty side will go up, same thing only different.

    9. Why hasn't Elsewhere posted in two whole days? Ooohhh that little lurker!

  • fairchild
    Also, why do I say "excuse me" for a burp when I'm alone?

    hmm.. I never do.

  • pennycandy

    Hats off to Fairchild, who hath all the answers! Maybe you should write a book, The World According to Fairchild. I'd buy it.

  • moanzy

    Hi Pennycandy,

    I can answer the Mason question for you. Mason or Freemasonry is an organization based on rituals that they claim they can trace back to the time of King Solomon. At that time when the temple was being built there were many Stone Masons (professional stone cutters) employed. Many of the secret rituals today are suppose to have been from that time period and meant certain things that today no one knows the meaning of. King Solomon was suppose to have been an initiate of this secret and participate in it. The top guy in this whole thing was Hiram Abif who was killed for not divulging the meaning of these secret rituals. The meanings died with him. I read in the "Hiram Key" that it is possible that the ones who killed him might have been from the tribes of Israel that fell from God's Grace. (Gen49:6). However this is just speculation and not necessarily true.

    Hope that helps you


  • observador

    As for question 9, I think that for those two full days he was... well, elsewhere. :)


  • jaffacake

    4. "Spot on" is an expression I use just about every day. It simply means "dead right" or "you've hit the nail on the head"

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