Say Something Bad About The JW Organization----It's Good For You!

by minimus 40 Replies latest jw friends

  • DanTheMan

    The New World Translation is a painful to read piece of crap

  • minimus

    Dan, are you on the right thread?? Hey Cowboys, I'll give ya a good whuppin' if you disrespect ya elders again, here me boyz??

  • Mastodon

    Min- I still have to meet an elder that deserves my respect!! ;)

  • DanTheMan

    ok, hmmm, let me try again then...I thought a comment about the NWT was fitting...

    The JW organization often uses the last bit of toilet paper and does not replace the roll

  • Mastodon

    And this one is just to get to my 100th post!!!! Yeeeehaw!... or something...

  • Valis

    Meetings are so boring there is not one ceiling tile in the Hall that cannot be identified for it's own unique qualities.

  • franklin J
    franklin J

    $#@%uck them....

    ...oh, I feel so much better....

  • minimus

    Valis, that's funny! The height of boredom!

  • upside/down
    WTS music Sucks ass!!!!

    Yeah, I was told that that's all we will listen to in the Pair a Dice. Shoot me now! u/d (of the doesn't want to shovel shit for 1000 years class)

  • moanzy

    The terrible guilt they instill in every person there if they don't abide by or change their attitude. Also the ability of many who don't agree with, but are somehow able to tell themselves that it is their own sinful tendancy for not embracing certain rules and then they just ignore their thoughts and act as if the FDS is right.


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