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  • Satans little helper
    Satans little helper

    No big hollywood blockbusters, no explosion fests, just good films with a decent cast and a decent script.

    Definitely nothing with Keanu Reeves and preferably something that will touch the audience rather than just wash over them

    Timeframe immaterial but quality is important


  • talesin

    One of my top 5 movies,

    Farewell To the King, stars Nick Nolte

    It's a touching tale, and one of the most beautiful movies I have ever seen (it's set in Borneo, post WWII, and that's all I'm saying hehehe).

    A "must see" flick!


  • tijkmo

    do you mean one thats showing now or on dvd....i havent been to movies for coupla months now but if on dvd try a movie with antony hopkins and nicole kidman that i just remembered but cant recall title of..hes a teacher that gets fired and hooks up with her and shes flaky

  • talesin

    Okay, I MUST tell you this.

    My fav movie of all time (laugh if you must!) is Excalibur. It's the penultimate story of Arthur, and I have been hooked on the whole Arthur thing since I was a child.

    John Boorman's vision of the Arthurian legend comes to life in this flick. This project was his passion, and he even filmed most of the movie on his own land. The costumes are amazing (omg the armour), the casting is brilliant, the battle scenes are eerily stylistic, and the dynamics of the characters suck you into the drama completely!


    movie-addict class

  • catchthis

    Being from the UK, you must be aware of Guy Ritchie's two films - Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels, and Snatch. I still put Snatch up there as my all time favorite in the "General" category. It was cast perfectly.

    You mentioned "touch" the audience. Were you looking for some sort of drama? Finding Neverland was excellent. It never received much attention until the Academy Awards. Even then, it was kinda given the cold shoulder.

  • Satans little helper
    Satans little helper

    I've got Lock Stock and Snatch on DVD and they are both great films, and both fit the bill well.

    I was thinking more along the lines of something with a story line that was either controversial or emotive - for instance I watched Leaving Las Vegas a couple of nights ago and was completely captivated by the story. You know, the sort of story where you care about the characters?

  • mrbarthoss

    see if you can find "Jump Tomorrow" on DVD.........absolute fun, and the catchiest damn soundtrack I have heard in a long time.

  • tijkmo

    i know exactly what you mean cos when df i went to movies all the time and got fed up with blockbusters and gross outs masquerading as i started to watch more thought provoking stuff..charactor driven...but because they werent so mainstream the names are not inprinted on my mind...there was another one with cate blanchet and pheobe from friends brother...based in italy she went to corporate building to plant a bomb and gets caught and he is a police man who helps her escape and they go on the run

    always keep missing leaving las vegas

    ill try and remember some more and their titles..might take a coule of keep checking

  • under74

    Sweet and Lowdown
    Cool Hand Luke

  • talesin

    Imitation of Life (you will be sobbing at the end, from the 50s, w/ Lana Turner)

    I Want to Live! (40s b&w, about a woman falsely sentenced to death - gripping)

    Madame X (50s blockbuster, another Lana Turner movie WOW)

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