Did you ever see a TRULY happy JW?

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  • Honesty

    I saw plenty of JW's who were happy.... as soon as they lerned the truth about the truth and made decisions based on facts instead of WT Bullshite.

  • Golf

    tijk, good for you. When people are happy is has a rubbing off affect.

    C.B. yeah, in my younger days meetings were boring I would sleep at the meetings. Later, for a short spell it was interesting, a 'spiritual high.' Then later, it got to be boring. I always made a big fuss about meetings going over-time, this is a no-no big time.

    As for good speakers, I use to love listening to good speakers especially the ones that would capture the audience's attention. Talks of this nature made meetings seem extra short.

    I remember this one brother that a great talk going 'until' he gave about five conclusions to his talk and he just ruined it. Listening to some brothers giving talks was torture!

    I agree, being involved in assignments takes away boredom. It does prove a point though, we can get our minds of boring things.

    JW83, amazing how you're suppose to be serving a happy God and your not! What are we missing? I have some ideas but I'll refrain from saying what they are.


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  • tijkmo

    golf...youda loved my talks..i never gave a boring talk in my life

    but your right about talk quality....some bros could make a 5 min talk seem like an hour

    and others could make an hours talk seem like 5 min

  • Golf

    Yeah, 'spirited' speakers are great to listen to. Myself, I'm a prop person, I got that from my school days. I'd use props to make the assignment interesting. I even invented a prop to hit straighter golf shots.

    Yes, anything to make a meeting interesting and go by quickly, I'm all for it.

    As to the topic at hand, I think we have more happy exjw's.


  • aniron
  • Golf

    Yeah, I'm 'quacking' away again.


  • LongHairGal

    If I did it was usually a couple in love. Other than that I would have to answer no generally speaking. Some of the people I saw were always watching their back and trying to "do more" so I would not consider them happy. Some were somewhat paranoid and others were concerned about their "image". Because we all know they have to appear happy.


  • clementine

    according to me, i don't think so... some seem to be happy, but as soon as you begin talking (seriously, not jsut saying hello) with them, you can see they have problems. most think those problems make them feel unhappy, but most of the times, these problems wouldn't exist if they were not JWs... but asking if that il the society which makes them feel unhappy is an other question :-)) so, i would just say "no, i've never seen a truly happy JW"

  • IP_SEC

    I was truly happy, still am. Nothing they or anyone can do will change that.

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