Elders refused to help police investigation into the rape of a teenage girl

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  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    I can't come here and read this crap while I'm at work.  It makes me too angry. 

    Maybe most frustrating, is that NONE of the rank and file ever see the misquotes, the bad decisions, the noncooperation with police, the intellectual dishonesty......because you have to be willing to look at things that are not sanctioned by JW's.  Argh!

  • Phizzy
    Why doesn't someone challenge this idea that the Elders have the right to cover up a crime, surely they are Accessories after the Fact and should be Prosecuted ?
  • Crazyguy
    Just like their blood doctrine, say one thing then do another. 
  • blondie

    But he was a jw when he did this and by not reporting him put all he met after that in danger...perhaps even another jw child.

    I told 2 elders that did not report my father, that the angry part of me felt they should be punished by having their daughters molested.... 

  • LoveUniHateExams

    This case is absolutely disgusting, and highlights everything that is wrong with the WTS. I'm glad this animal has been jailed. I hope the elders that deliberately obstructed police investigation also get jailed.

    Whatever happened to 'paying Caesar's things back to Caesar?'

  • Joe Grundy
    Joe Grundy

    "“Victims or their families are entirely free to report crimes to the police."

    You may find this part of the official JW statement illuminating.  Woohoo, dubs are allowed to report crimes!  But I bet there could be repercussions if the offender holds a position.

    I was a UK cop for 30 years, mainly as a detective, and I dealt with a lot, far too much, of child abuse cases.  The WTBTS and/or local elders (and there's a whole can of worms there) may -just may - have a case under English law that their records are protected from judicial proceedings.  But, in my former professional opinion, I doubt it very strongly. 

    And what impression does it give to the members of the public who read these reports as to the approach of WTBTS to these cases?  Even the RC church is giving a better PR message than this!
    In my occasional dealings with dubs (I never was one) I am usually only mildly confrontational and I try to be gentle.  Reports of cases like this (and there are many) tend to make me feel that if I am lucky enough to get an elder at my door he deserves what he gets.  Although, of course, elders are just as much poor saps in their way as the R&F.

  • blondie

    Leviticus 5“‘If someone sins because he has heard a public call to testify and he is a witness or has seen or learned about it and he does not report it, then he will answer for his error.

     “You protect a friend by helping him to conceal his sins.” The truth is, we would do a sinner great harm by helping to conceal his sins. Serious sins are signs of real spiritual illness; concealing them is like hiding serious symptoms from a qualified doctor. (James 5:14, 15) The sinner may fear the possibility of discipline; but discipline is an expression of Jehovah’s love, and it may well save the sinner’s life. (Proverbs 3:12; 4:13) Furthermore, the persistent sinner likely presents a real danger to others in the congregation. Would you want to assist in the spread of his wrong attitudes that led him into sin? (Leviticus 5:1; 1 Timothy 5:22) By all means, then, make sure that the erring one brings the matter to the attention of the congregation elders.

  • 3rdgen

    'She did not fight back or shout out at the time of the incident.' 

    Well, there you have it. No struggle no rape. What, are we living in the thirteenth century? 

  • blondie
    Nice to see you again, Gadget.
  • Vidiot

    "Victims or their families are entirely free to report crimes to the police."

    Just like they're "entirely free" to vote, receive a blood transfusion, or wear tight pants...

    ...and the WTS feels "entirely free" to impose whatever consequences it wishes upon those that exercise that "freedom".

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