Elders refused to help police investigation into the rape of a teenage girl

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  • Gadget

    Church leaders refused to co-operate with a police investigation into a sex attack by one of their congregation on a teenage girl.

    Jehovah’s witness Paul Atkin has now been jailed for five years after he admitted sexual activity with a 15-year-old.

    A court heard the South Shields based branch of the church carried out their own investigation after the allegation came to light and Atkin was booted out.

    But when police came knocking, church officials refused to help what was then a rape allegation, on the grounds of confidentiality.

    Prosecutor Deborah Smith told Newcastle Crown Court: “It would appear there was some form of investigation by the church.

    “We know the defendant was disfellowshipped as a consequence of that investigation but there has been no disclosure of any minutes of meetings with the defendant and the elders have refused to provide statements to the police, despite the fact the defendant is no longer a member of their congregation, on the grounds of confidentiality.”

    Atkin, of East Moffat Street, South Shields, was initially accused of rape but the charge was dropped when he admitted sexual activity with a child.

    The court heard his victim was 15-and-a-half when he had sex with her.

    Miss Smith said: “She did not wish to have sexual intercourse with him.

    “The Crown accept, having discussed matters with her, the defendant may reasonably have believed that she did.

    “She did not fight back or shout out at the time of the incident.”

    The court heard the woman is still on anti-depressants and says her self confidence has been shattered by the ordeal.

    In a statement read to the court, the victim, who is now an adult, said: “This has had a major effect on me and I cannot trust men.

    “I bottled everything up and as a teenager I turned to drink and drugs.”

    “I hope he gets sent to prison and gets what he deserves.”

    Judge Simon Hickey jailed Atkin for five years and said he must sign the sex offenders register for life and abide by the terms of a sexual offences prevention order for five years.

    The judge told him: “This has had a huge effect upon this young lady.”

    Gavin Doig, defending, said Atkin has a good, supportive family and partner and said his family describe him as a “hard working man with a job” who will face devastating consequences if sent to jail.

    He added that it was Atkin himself who had brought the matter to the attention of police.

    Mr Doig told the court: “This defendant made a very bad mistake a number of years ago. He has not made any further mistakes.

    “He is extremely sorry he committed this offence knowing, as he did, the complainant was under age.”


  • freemindfade
    I saw this earlier today on the news, like an elder told me many years ago, someday this was going to come back and bite them in the ass. Guess he was a prophet.
  • Simon

    What vile inhuman misled fools would fail to report such a crime and think they had "dealt with the matter".

    All in the name of keeping their shitty little cult out of the newspapers ... yet again.

  • Finkelstein

    The WTS leaders along with the elders show just how irresponsible and apathetic they are concerning a grievous crime such as this.

    Trying to protect the image of the organization 

    Bastard assholes      

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    JW spokesman said, “For decades Jehovah’s Witnesses have published ground-breaking articles on child safeguarding.”

    Yup, those articles certainly stop paedphiles in their tracks! No need to report them to the police.


  • TerryWalstrom

    This takes the prize:

    A spokesman for Jehovah’s Witnesses in the North East said: “Paul Atkin has not been one of Jehovah’s Witnesses for seven years.

    “We understand that the elders had no significant information related to the prosecution of this case that the police were not already aware of. Jehovah’s Witnesses have an absolute and unequivocal abhorrence of child abuse. We never would shield a perpetrator from the consequences of his crime.

    “Victims or their families are entirely free to report crimes to the police. We respect and support the valuable role of the police in protecting the community from such individuals.

    “For decades Jehovah’s Witnesses have published ground-breaking articles on child safeguarding.”

  • truthseekeriam

     They completely fail the most innocent when they stand on the side of the abuser. They may claim the don't take sides but the moment they fail to cooperate with the authorities they clearly take a side.

    Just imagine what it feels like for the victims when elders their Shepard who they most likely have known most their lives refuse to help them? 

  • freemindfade
    So he wasn't a witness for 7 years. What does that have to do with protecting the public from a predator by REPORTING IT TO THE POLICE. It sounds like we protected the congregation by kicking him out. And no one else by keeping it secret. 
  • Finkelstein

    Some of the problem with the JW organization is that the organization has little respect for outside authorities which are deemed essentially Satan's system of control, where they on the other hand are deemed god's chosen organization under his guiding preference.

    That's why JWs are so restrictive and restrained when talking to someone outside of the organization pertaining to one of their own members.

    There is a constructive value placed on to members opposed on to any non-members and there are a lot of JWs who exploit that perceived value as means to hide themselves. ............ even pedophiles.    


  • Simon
    "the elders had no significant information related to the prosecution of this case that the police were not already aware of"

    Other than "the crime happened"?


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