At the meeting... And I have #3 Talk

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  • Miles


    Get your shit together please, how long do you want to go through with this charade. You know your wife well, have you thought of what her reaction will be when you tell her you want out of this living hell? Furthermore, your kids, you know them, what will their reaction be? I think you should start by slowly understanding your kids and if they want to quit, they might surprise you by jumping with joy that you guys are getting out, then you start to work on your wife.

  • cappytan

    Miles: I wish it was that simple. 

    Working on it.

  • MissFit

    Cappytan, you are right to take your time. But take care of yourself too. Remember in emergency situations the rescuer sees to himself first .( he puts the air mask on in plane crash, before he starts to help others.)

    If you are not healthy, you can't help your family.

    Take care.

    ps I agree with WMF. It is not cool. Next time call in sick or stay home and nurse your wife.


  • little_Socrates

    Was it kind of like this...

    Clip from "Drunk History" on Comedy Central

  • kairos

    After leaving the meetings for good ( which takes more time for some than others ) my alcohol intake dropped to near unseen levels.

    I was drinking 2/3's of a bottle of gin, vodka, rum or brandy EVERY NIGHT.

    This would be from 5pm to midnight or later, so I was not really "drunk", just a strong buzz. I wouldn't drive, as I was certainly above the legal limit for California (0.08 BAL for DUI/DWI). After learning TTATT, the need to self medicate went away. Imagine that...

    Cap, try missing some meetings. Initiate the next step in your legendary fade. I faded with no outside help or support. I was  already out when, thankfully, I found this site. You are in a much better spot than most of us. Research what works before you do it. 

    Honestly, if you fabricate/legitimately have a believable excuse to miss 25% of the meetings you won't raise any eyebrows. I can't wait to congratulate you on a successful exit. I for one. am rooting for you! I know there are many here that could only dream of your position.

    You're so close, Cap.

  • cappytan

    My kids are too young right now. 4 & 6. 

    Me and the wife have already agreed that they're not getting baptized until they're 18 and free agents.

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