Musical video on JW-TV February monthly program - must see !!

by Viva la Vida 58 Replies latest jw friends

  • millie210

    The most interested face the cart saw all day long was the dog.

  • John_Mann
    What a joke! I left in 2006, before all these mad changes. I wonder how I could react to this in the 90's... 
  • WTWizard
    More ways to hear those Kingdumb maladies?  I sure hope to be able to find the battery and cut the wire so it will not work.  After all, I did that once to my employer's Christmas lights in the name of joke-hova (by removing one of the bulbs in the series so the string wouldn't light).  So it's only fair for me to disable the batteries on the Kingdumb malady carts.
  • Oubliette
    I'm waiting for the animated version with Caleb and Sophie
  • steve2

    I can watch the halting, mannered introductions which suggest editing skills are still developing.

    But those lyrics, and in particular the line " What a feeling to go wheeling" as a trolley trundles by  are a new low in a crowded arena of lows. It is hard to imagine even hardcore Witnesses watching this kind of tripe without wincing.

    At times I thought that the slow, patronizing voice-overs were for children - until it was obvious it was aimed at adolescents. Ouch, man! No way is an adolescent or young adult going to be seen watching this air-brushed crap involving an elderly sister " helping" a young sister forgo college to pioneer - especially since that elderly sister and her now deceased husband spent their whole married life of several decades pioneering in hope of the end coming...and still she advocates pioneering cause the end is so near, blah, blah, blah.

  • user100

    all those people that actually approach the cart must be planted.. i have never ever seen a single human approach the cart..

    wait that's not true.. i have seen one retarded homeless person talk to them once..

  • clarity

    Blondie ....... classic...

    "the Bible is not enough to convince people...a singing cart is better! "


  • tidalblitz
    That was disturbing. The worst part is that my family will fawn and go gaga over this crap. This is getting to be too much.
  • WingCommander
    The JW's don't have any stones to cry they use these carts instead.  **GAG**

    Well I emailed my family who are all still in and strong.

    They don't know I am fading.

    This is what I sent:

     Hi all just to say.......

     Ready    1,  2 ,  3,  4,
     Ive got wheels ......and Ive got Racks ..........Ive got books........and I've got tracts.........

     BE OUR GUEST......BE OUR GUEST......BE OUR GUEST.......

     What the flipping heck is that video,lol.

    If you have no idea what I am on about check out JW evangelical TV. Near the end of the main broadcast.

    So far 2 of my sisters have replied and this is what they said....

    1st sister email reply was)            loved it, though a bit emotional so it made me cry!!!!!!!!!😿

    2nd sister email reply was)               

    I know, we watched it last night for our FWE.  It was great! 

    nice to see the brothers helping out for the special assemblies last year. Shame we lived too far away to get involved but still felt part as we had the link ups! 

    The cart song was normal to them...

    Im still waiting for more replies to my email.

    I don't know what more to say....


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