JW. Net heals a JW Physician and his patient!

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    I walk both Shih Tzu's after dinner. We all have to poop after that.....and I get nasty looks from people who drive by me with my pants down.
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    LOL mrquik
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    I am saving now 30 minutes daily!

    ...and using that extra time to post strange things on an internet forum.

  • abiather


    You got it—I post something “strange!”

    When such things as this which really works for people with no cost at all, many doctors prescribe some chemicals.

    i remember reading somewhere, the person had been suffering from ring worm; and doctor prescribed some tablet to be taken every three months. And he did this for 12 years--it kills the worm, but not its eggs. Thu problem persists.

    One day another doctor said something different from what he learned from his experience, not from his curriculum: "do enema with neem-juice water." He did that, and worm problem of his stomach is gone forever.

    My point is that there are two types of Doctors:

    1) Those who treat for money

    2) Those who really want their patient to be cured forever.

    This is the irony:

    Doctors will go out of business if there are no patients;

    Lawyers will go unemployed if there are no crimes and conflicts!

  • pronomono
     “Jehovah who used blood of Jesus for the eternal benefit of the humans will not logically prohibit the use of blood for the temporary benefit of humans while they are still here on earth—especially so as Jesus sanctioned the drinking of symbolic blood in the form of the vine. Hence JW view of the blood transfusion is illogical and unscriptural.”

    That line spoke volumes to me. Thanks for your experience.

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