JW. Net heals a JW Physician and his patient!

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  • abiather

    I met a JW Physician last month, by chance, in a Waiting Lounge! I moved to the seat next to him and asked him: “Are you one of JWs?”

    Surprised, he responded: “I was, till last year.”

    I too was a JW, and I have seen you in the Assemblies/DCs in the First Aid Department, and you may not know me as I have only a limited association with JWs. I gave a brief history of my coming out of JW fold, then I asked him: “How did you come out?”

    He said:

    “Last year, I received an e-mail with a link to JW.Net. Content of the mail was this: “Jehovah who used blood of Jesus for the eternal benefit of the humans will not logically prohibit the use of blood for the temporary benefit of humans while they are still here on earth—especially so as Jesus sanctioned the drinking of symbolic blood in the form of the vine. Hence JW view of the blood transfusion is illogical and unscriptural.”

    This came as a wake-up call to me. It revealed that I accepted JW teachings without analyzing them thoroughly! It did not take much time for me to disassociate. Yet I am not happy as my wife and children are still under the illusion of JW teaching!”

    Our conversation continued for some time. He invited me to come to his clinic and offered me free treatment any time I require! I told him, I have only one problem: constipation.

    He told me: There are two ways—one the usual treatment with laxatives, and the other is change in life-style which costs you nothing!

    I told I want the latter.

    This is what he said:

    “Constipation is not a disease, but a condition that invites many other diseases! I will give you some hints that will not only remove constipation but also enable you to minimize the diseases you may get in your life!  

    Just observe the body—body will not tell lie! Observe those who are not stressed but have loving relationships, peace, joyfulness, cleanliness, inner strength, practical wisdom and balance—they have stronger immunity, hence most of them catch less disease. Some of them further minimize their diseases as they choose a healthy food-habit which means they know the following:

     (1) WHAT TO EAT [fresh, easily digested, nourishing food prepared with minimum spices and articles, which means abstaining from all types of processed food];

    (2) HOW MUCH TO EAT [in moderation, may be half of one’s capacity, in decreasing quantity—more during the break-fast, lesser during lunch, and further less during last meal of the day]

    (3) HOW TO EAT [slowly, in gratitude, with full attention on eating, and chewing well before swallowing which makes digestion easier and prevents improperly digested food from entering blood and causing a wide range of adverse effects to health.

    (4) WHEN TO EAT  [only when you are hungry, which means normally 4-to-5 hour gap between each meal / intake, eating the supper ideally before sun-set and going to sleep 3-4 hours after, thus getting a good rest for the body during sleep that enables you to get up early in the morning rejuvenated and refreshed].

     What is more important is your attitude: “You should know that the real seat of taste is not the tongue but the mind, and best relish is when you eat after feeling hungry for some time.”


    Though what he said appeared simple, it meant a complete reversal of what I have been doing. Anyhow, I decided to practice what he advised. From the very first day I began to feel the difference. Now it’s one month. My constipation is completely gone; and as he said “I feel more and more refreshed.”

  • smiddy

    abiather you have two seperate  posts here , and you should have kept them that way , just my 2 cents worth.


  • jhine

    Thanks for sharing that . have you kept in touch with the doctor?          


  • abiather


    Yes, I visited his house--good friendship is being built now. 

    A really nice person to have in my life!

  • galaxie
    Abiather..physicians treatment for constipation seems rather tedious when compared with mathematicians who find quick relief by working it out with a pencil  !!
  • abiather


    Rather it is easier than mathematics--just knowing What,how, how much and when to eat. It really worked--I am saving now 30 minutes daily!

  • jhine

    galaxie , I think that one went right over the top .  Think it through abiather . 


  • Heaven
    To relieve constipation drink lots of water and eat a diet high in fibre. Psyllium husk works well for constipation along with some specific herbal teas such as senna.  Dandelion tea acts as a mild laxative as does green tea. Coffee helps too.
  • Simon

    Walking helps with pooping ... well, it seems to work with our dog.

    (but seriously, fiber and walking)

  • galaxie
    @jhine yes, a case of constipated thinking!! 

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