Appealing my DF'ing, I just sent the letter

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  • BrendaCloutier

    Dave, goodonya!

    I like the video idea. Haunt them after your "death". Maybe make and send several, even to the JC. Don't forget the moon.

    Hugs to you and Mrs.


  • frankiespeakin


    They should have had it by Tuesday, Wednesday at the latest. But I haven't heard from them. Is that normal?

    I think what I did was wait until the last day to appeal. And I think they got back to me in a week or may be two weeks I forget. They have to drum up the right brothers for the appeal so you don't stand a chance,,the CO will no doubt tell tyhem exactly how to proceed (Guilty)

  • AlmostAtheist

    Today I got a call from some guy I've never heard of in some congregation I've never heard of announcing that the appeal committee would like to meet with me tomorrow night. I haven't heard a single thing from anybody in a solid month -- not a call from anybody -- until I get this call about a meeting tomorrow.

    I told him I'd have to call him back, to buy myself a little time to think about it. I thought about getting together with my JW inlaws again, but Gina and I both can tell how uncomfortable they are with me. They have even refused to play chess-by-mail with me, despite my sending them a "circle and draw your move" form and a self-addressed stamped envelope. (They told Gina it was because I don't believe the way they do anymore.) Face it, they're ear-deep in this ridiculous cult and they've already cut me out of their lives. So why should I waste another day on them? (a little more bitterness coming through here than there really is, but it's close.)

    So I called the guy back and told him I wasn't interested in attending an appeal hearing. He got another guy on the line (gotta have those 2 witnesses) and I told him, too. They were very cool about it, no problem. They said they'd call the elders in my congo and let 'em know, then get back to me with the decision (like it's a mystery) before any announcement is made.

    So it looks like I won't be in limbo much longer. It'll be a relief to finally actually be DF'd so I'll be shielded from the inlaws.


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