The future of printed newspaper, do you read them.?

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  • blondie

    We still read 2 IRL newspapers a day. They have a version online but not all the info is there. I do use google news and access the local TV station with the best website. I watch the free CBS videos every day.

    We love the Sunday paper with the Parade, comics, coupons, ads, and arts and entertainment sections. I like to be able to read in my easy chair which is hard even with a laptop.

    But I am an oldtimer.

    We don't even own a cellphone.


  • one

    Newspapers of the World Links

    for USA newspapers see the bottom of the page.

    Just about anything printed on paper is a waste of all kind of resources, anacronic.

    I even feel bad and frustrated when forced to send letters and documents via USPS, when there is a much faster and cheaper solution.

  • frankiespeakin

    I pay only for the suday paper and get the weekly for free. I hardly ever read it maybe glance at the headlines every other day or so. The internet is my main source of info. New papers seem to be too slanted toward making something sound a certain way to increase readers interest. They have facts that are helpful sometimes but not to often.

  • FairMind

    I think that paper newspapers will eventually have very limited readership as more people become familiar with and have access to the Internet. I even believe that local weekly newspapers will be replaced by websites that report local news. The age of paper, be it in the communication industry or financial industry, is on the decline.


  • czarofmischief

    Local papers will still be the best source of local information.

    Most newspaper revenues come from ad sales anyway, not the price - that mostly goes straight to the distributor.

    They will probably hover where they are for a long time.


  • frankiespeakin


    I think you right,, but god I hope we save more trees. I think I'll call my news paper company and cancel my free weekly paper to save more trees.

  • Elsewhere

    I get most of my news online and from TV.

    I do like to buy a paper sometimes because it is much easier to scan the pages for things of interest. A great example would be the classifieds area. Online you can only do a keyword search, but with an actual paper you can scan over the pages looking for anything that might catch your eye.

    The same applies for articles of interest. I enjoy flipping from page to page looking for any headings that catch my eye... you can't do that online.

  • one

    For those who like to feel the paper in their hands a solution may be what i call "refill" their reusable OLED "paper", a sheet of plastic full of "organic light emitting diodes", you coul download delete/refill to the "plastic" from a pc or a refill station. Dow Chemicals, i beleive, is heavily working on that. Actually it will be a flexible, customized dimension (sheet cut to the size you prefer) pc/tv screen

  • minimus

    I used to read 3 papers per day. Now one or two plus the internet.

  • freedom96

    I will read the newspaper from time to time. But the latest news is always from the internet, which I enjoy more.

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