The future of printed newspaper, do you read them.?

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  • one

    Facts to consider

    Internet advertising seem to be getting stronger again.

    Presen economic situation for newspaper is not bright, they include The New York Times, Boston Globe International, Herald Tribune Gannett Co., (100 newspapers including USA Today), EW Scripps (21 newspapers) dow Jones & Co./The Wall Street Journal. (Awake?)

    Actually circulation went down from over 62 millions around 1990 to 55 millions on 2003.

    do you read paper-printed newspapers?

    What your crystal ball is telling you?

  • candidlynuts

    i read online. only reason i ever bought a paper was to get the sunday coupons back in my housewife days.

    i'm of the opinion that small town local papers will be around awhile yet, local interest stories ,classifieds, obits, and yard sale notices will keep them going!. while papers like the new york times, usa today, atlanta journal and constitution will suffer from online reading instead of bothering to pick a paper up in the mornings.

  • Jankyn

    I work in the newspaper business, and the drop in readership is a real issue. The problem is that the population that reads newspapers as their primary source of information is aging, and younger readers are not picking up the newspaper habit. People under 30 tend to only be interested in sports and entertainment news--for a variety of reasons--and this not only affects newspapers, but also broadcast news. It's why you see fewer in-depth policy stories and more coverage of the Peterson-Kobe-Michael Jackson trials. Celebrity and sports, that's the ticket.

    Suggestions that internet news will pick up the slack are incorrect; the people who seek out "hard news" on the internet are the same people who would read a newspaper if there were no internet available. Younger people tend to use the internet for purposes other than gathering news.

    This situation has huge repercussions for our citizenry. It means less informed and involved voters and less substantial discussion of public policy. The fate of the country is being left in the hands of fewer and fewer people. Scary.

    These facts are relevant for the U.S. only, though. I don't know what the situation is worldwide. But we got our Media Audit report a few weeks ago, and our average reader is another year older.


  • franklin J
    franklin J

    yes, i still read them.

    a daily ritual in my home is that the family pet dog ( a black Lab) goes out to the edge of the driveway to retrieve the newspaper EVERY morning. The dog reminds us of her chores....and will not leave us alone until we let her perform this daily chore....

  • Evesapple

    I still prefer the old fashioned method of print. I like the Sunday Trib w/ a cup of coffee in hand.

  • kls

    My jw husband is obsessed with it ,i mean he can't go a day with out reading the newspaper. Probably the fact that he is a jw and won't touch a computer so he needs to read the paper to see how bad the world is cause Armageddon is a coming .

  • Mulan

    we both read the paper everyday................almost the whole thing

  • Satanus

    Jankin, that is interesting.

    I don't read any newspapers or newsmags. Generally, they are such sensationalist, politically correctness, corporatist, or politically bent rags. I may galnce at the headlines if i am in a store. The net supplies my needs. If i do miss something, someone will usually clue me in.


  • undercover

    I read the paper almost everyday. While you can get instant news online or on CNN, I like the deeper articles found in newspapers. I love to read the editorial page and get differing viewpoints. I can keep a finger on the pulse of the area that I live in by reading letters to the editor(that or figure that I'm surrounded by idiots). The sports pages carry more on the local teams and conferences. The local section is invaluable when it comes to finding out about local events and news.

    I've noticed that readership is down and the younger people rely on Internet and TV news, and while they have a place, I think it's still good to sit down and read the days events in one sitting and it gives you time to contemplate and think about certain issues like the presdential race, or the war or social security or anything that is important to each of us.

  • jeanniebeanz

    I agree with Satanus reasons for not reading newspapers. In fact, the last time I bought a newspaper rather than just going to the internet was when I needed to pack away some fragile glassware...


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