'If you don't take a job as a prostitute, we can stop your benefits'

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  • GentlyFeral

    That's ridiculous. Here in the US, you can refuse any job offer for which you are not qualified (or which would mean a drastic pay cut). Prostitution would certainly require "training", at least enough to rearrange your ethics. I'm surprised Germany doesn't have a provision like this.

    Gently Feral

  • Gill

    Bloody disgraceful. Looks like Britain will have to invade and sort that government out that is forcing rape on its women folk. If we can do it for the Iraqis then we can do it for the Germans. Are you Americans with us?

    Seriously! I cannot imagine anything more vile being forced on any man or woman. The emotional and psychological issues are enormous. Germany just dropped down to shit in my esteem

  • doodle-v
    The article concentrated on women. Surely this law would apply equally to men as well.

    I was thinking the same thing...some how I doubt it though At any rate it's just disgraceful. Surely they can see that and hopefully soon will change it.

    "uhmm sir, if you don't take this job as a male prostitute we cant offer you unemployment benifits any longer. That's government rules I didnt make em, sucks to be you. Hey just take it like a man"

  • hamsterbait

    It's the germanic mentality.

    Rules, rules rules. Obey without exception. Without mercy.

    I was thinking that in the early days of the WT the leaders were of Irish catholic,italian descent: (therefore more fun-loving) look at the names.

    Gradually more and more were of north european calvinist descent. Look at the names. Franz, Schroeder,Henschel etc. Maybe this is why the borg today is just as merciless in applying its own man-made rules.


  • embeth2525

    eeeeeeeeeek!!!!!! eeeeeeeek!!! the Saxons are coming!

  • jst2laws

    To be equal, it must apply to men as well. When that happens I'll bet the laws get modified.

    I have to tell you a little story.

    A man went into a German brothel and ask for a lovely lady but was told the were all busy, but you can have Old Joe.

    He replied, "NO, I don't go for that stuff".

    A week later he came in a little more anxious for love and again was told, No girls available but there is Old Joe!

    "NO, NO. I don't go for that stuff".

    A few days later and a little desperate, upon hearing again No ladies available at this time but you can have Old Joe, He asked:

    "Well, I really don't go for that stuff. But if I do for this with Old Joe, who is going to know about it?"

    The answer was, You, me, Old Joe, and the three guys that hold him, because



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