So my dad comes from vacation and ???!!!

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  • JWdaughter

    It makes sense, really. Hard to "oversee" when you are not seeing over the ones you are supposed to be overseeing. They need someone there to keep an eye on the future lawsuits waiting to happen.

    How does HE feel about it? He is LUCKY they are giving hiim license to step down from the added burdens-if he sees it that way. 

  • smiddy

          In my experiences over the years knocking around with elders and  MS , I came to the conclusion they can be a lot of male  bitches. Whether its jealousy of the popularity of certain elders /ms  in the congregation or if its the tall poppy syndrome where they feel the need to cut down elders/ms to size .

         I have seen it on a number of occasions in my 33 year association with this cult. Elders ganging up on brothers to remove them from  positions they previously performed .

    When you realize its just a man made American religion similar to many that originated in the 1800`s , the rose coloured glasses , the blinkers fade away , and you see the religion for what it truly is .

    For his sake I hope he see`s the emperor has no clothes .


  • Kool Jo
    Kool Jo

    Hey guys...thanks for your responses....spoke with my dad and he doesn't give a care in the world! The COBE is behind it from what my dad told me. My dad is a no-nonsense kind of person and isn't really a push-over..he doesn't bow to the every demand of the COBE nor C/O.

    He also mentioned that he listened in on the meeting held over the weekend regarding the new KHall designs

    On another note, he's getting ready to fly out again

    Keep you all posted.


    Kool Jo

  • Vidiot
    Blessing in disguise.
  • KateWild

    Kool Jo,

    Glad your dad is looking forward to flying out somewhere nice. Having a nice life now is what counts as long as he's not hurting anyone.

    Kate xx

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