Would Michael Jackson be in all this legal trouble if he stayed a JW?

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  • steve2
    Having said that, you would think that friends or advisors would have let him know that he should not leave himself open to these accusations.

    I had heared that, in the earlier stages, advisors had attempted to get MJ to tone down his outspoken public defence of his sleep overs and that he had taken umbrage. Basically, he chose to ignore the advice and, so affronted by it, he had threatened to sack staff. This is so typical of what happens when people develop inflated egos and start to act as if there is one law for them and another for lesser mortals. Sadly, it is not unique to MJ.

  • jws

    I've got to think that MJ wasn't that much of a Witness to begin with. So I'm not about to blame all of his problems on the JWs. If anything robbed him of his youth, it was being a pop star and performing all the time. Stardom seems to create a lot more isolation than being a JW. When was the last time you saw your average JW stalked by paparazzi or hounded for an autograph?

    As others have noted above, people have tried to tell him to knock it off with the kids in bed and sleepovers. One almost court-case should have been a wake up call. He didn't listen.

    I actually do think that, had he remained a JW, he might be a much more normal person. The key here is remaining a JW. To remain one, he would have had to curb a lot of his actions years ago. He would have to submit to the rules of being a JW and to the advice of elders. If they had told him to knock it off with the sleepovers back in the 90's, he would have done it - if he wanted to remain a JW. If he didn't then he'd just ignore them. But if he toned it down to being a good little JW, he might not be in the trouble he's in today.

    That is not to give any credit to the JWs. Mind control and living as a slave is not a good way to live either. I'm just saying that sometimes bad behavior can be supressed by fear of punishment. It doesn't make the person a good person inside, but it will keep them behaving.

  • Sweetp0985

    I know this is off topic a little but isn't it kind of ironic that right now (5pm CST) that on VH-1 they are showing Purple Rain (the old Prince) and after this goes off they're going to replay the MJ as a child story? I was just telling my co-worker...it's hard to belive that lil freaky man is now a dub.....and then thought to myself...and MJ used to be a dub.....my how the world changes or rather..what the dubs allow changes...well if you really think about it....it didnt change much did it? As long as you have money you can get away with alot....if only MJ hadn't made that darn Thriller video....

  • steve2
    Purple Rain (the old Prince)

    Well, at least Prince appears to have got his sexual weirdness out of his system before joining the witnesses (OR has he?). Prince certainly qualifies as an obedient son, following his mother's last wish that he become a witness. I can't imagine Prince complaining to the media about what a rotten life he's had as MJ has done for years . And not a chimpanzee or oxygen tent in sight.

  • kaykay_mp
    My mom hopes that Mike will come to his senses and ask the elders to reinstate him before Jehovah destroys him.

    Oops, too late.



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