Input please

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  • prophecor

    Curses, Foiled Again & Again!!!

  • IP_SEC

    *bows* *keeping an eye on prophecor* "Thank you very much" *in a elvis voice*

  • frenchbabyface

    IP SEC,

    I wanna hear about how it works in practice.
    you may be tired of it before you get any pleasant result (so you might feel that you have lost your time - and more ...) but try, if you want and tell us about it ...
  • orangefatcat

    Input please. I am sorry I just couldn't resist. You are brave for what you want to do and I wish you all the success in so doing. Just going right up to a person who is disfellowshipped or DA I say you have a lot of chuzpah. Good for you. You are brave and perhaps like someone mentioned though you may end up becoming a "marked person". That will be too bad for you and I also think for the person with whom you speak too. Good Luck and all the very best..

    Love Orangefatcat.

  • prophecor
    ...will force my bros to DF me. The reason as I see it is to maybe help some to see the fallacy of the whole thing. If I DA myself, well then I left them.

    If you disassociate yourself, its just like the terrorist won, and you've conceeded to defeat, surrendered, If you get them to force their hand, you show them for how silly they all are, yet and still, you refuse to play by their rules, in fact you go in to write an entirely new script.

    That's balls. Great Big Brass Ones at that!!!

  • IP_SEC

    Heh Johnny 5 is alive!

    'zactly prophecor. Only thing is I got NO bawls at the moment!!! I'm still a faithful/apostate/yes man/elder. But by the time they 'catch on' to my apostasy well what will I have to lose by fighting the terrorist? My dignity? They can?t take that unless I let em. When I'm DF'd I will play by my rules, my script.

    Now maybe I might rephrase my question. Has anyone ever been evicted/kicked out from a hall for not playing the ol' "well I DF'd so I'll just quietly sit here on the back row and not make eye contact" game.

  • Heatmiser

    You might get away with this tactic for one meeting. The next meeting you will probably be shown the door(bullied and strongarmed by MS and Elders). The third meeting you will be barred from coming in the KH again. Just my 2 cents.


  • czarofmischief
    You are obviously a person who does not own a Play Station 2.

    I think that is quite possibly the funniest, most down to earth thing I have ever read on this board.

    Congratulations - is it too late to nominate you for the "Garrison Keillor Award" for the JWD Awards?


  • upside/down

    You will grow weary and tire out...

    period. I guess it just matters how high your "pain" theshold is. You will certainly find out!

    It is futile to resist (mwaahaahaa), look deep into my eyes, DEEEEP into my eyes....

    u/d Crazy (of the you haven't got a chance class)

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