Brownnose or Scholar

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  • unclebruce
    If you subtract the 40 plus 80 years, 120 years, from 2132 you get a "close looking" date as much as we can guesstimate from the scriptures of 2012AD!!!!

    But as I noted, a 70-year period from the being of the tribulation in1940 ends in 2010 (1940 + 70=2010).

    And finally, the second-coming Messiah was baptized on March 12, 1960 when he was ten years old. So there is the issue of whether God will honor his jubilee or not by beginning the millennium by then. 50 plus 1960 is 2010 as well. But the actual 50th year begins March 12,2009.

    Considering that, even though there are a few years leeway here, to make the jubilee, the Messiah must stop preaching to the abandoned world no more than 4-1/2 years prior to that time. The 4.5-year date for ending the preaching is this September 8th, 2004.

    But, for some reason, even this period is being "cut short" for some reason, perhaps for symbolic reasons, by 45 days. 45 days from September 8th was yesterday, July 26. But since the Jewish date goes from evening to evening and they basically are a day behind the New moon, I think this day is excepted up until sundown.

    Basically, no matter what anybody thinks, if I believe this and expect or desire the millennium to begin by March 12, 2009 to celebrate the 50th jubilee of the Messiah's baptism in 1960 and coordinate with a 70-year period ending for the 1940 "tribulation" of the Jews, then the 4-1/2 year shortened period of silence has to be observed by September 8, 2004 which has now been cut short by God 45 days to July 26th. Which means....

    I'm outta here guys!

    Scholar/ JCanon/ bibleman - real name Larry - he's awesome and completely insane.. gotta love the guy though.

    I lol @ gumby's fairwell "love ya JC ...just in case you are the messiah"

    unclebruce who has insane friends.

  • lawrence

    I agree with Avishai and unclebruce, Jcanon gets my vote. Hell, though, I once was that LOONEY TOO! Time does calm, or maybe it's the dumpster trips.

  • Neo

    Where are Fred Hall and You Know when you need them?

  • mkr32208

    Brownhole wins by a truck load in my book! He's awesomely bad, maybe he should run for president! As to Scholar he's just boring his arguments are complete trash and he thinks the more he repeats them the more valid they become... I think he got his BA in BS from reading the awake magazine... Nuff said!

  • jgnat

    Scholar, since his delusion is so isolated. Completely enamoured of his own voice, he truly believes intelligence is proportional to the syllable count he can cram in a sentence. It's not as if anything he says has to make any sense at all. If he is the best apologist the WTBTS has to offer, we have nothing to worry about.

    Watching Brownboy's descent in to madness scares me.

  • mkr32208
    Watching Brownboy's descent in to madness scares me.

    I find it amusing and irritating at the same time... but I'm used to mad people

    "but I don't want to go among mad people"
    "oh you can't help that, you see... were all mad here"-
    Alice in Wonderland

  • stillajwexelder

    not much between them is there - I too miss JCannon

    stillajwexelder BSc (Hons) MSc, PhD, MBS, DPhil,

  • steve2

    I do feel somewhat sorry for Scholar because, despite his robust defence of the Watchtower, that organization holds him in unmistakable disapproval because of his need to communicate with disfellowshipped persons. You can't slave for two masters, can you? Who's a naughty boy now? It's okay, though. I think I understand; I'm a naughty boy too.

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