Women are the weaker sex

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  • frenchbabyface

    Well let me tell you guys : IF YOU ARE ABLE TO PROCTECT ME ... I'm MORE THAN OK TO BE THE WEAKEST ... OK !!! Truly I'll KISS YOUR FEET/ASS what ever you want.

    otherwise I just don't care who is the stronger or the weaker (still an individual matter before a man or woman thing)

  • fairchild

    Every year by the end of May, I go mountain climbing. There is this one particular mountain which is extremely dangerous. People are not supposed to climb it, but because I know the forest ranger, he lets me have my go at it once a year. I've climbed that mountain 5 times now. The first 4 times I took a guy with me, but every time we had to turn back without making it to the top. The guy would be tired, his back would hurt, or he would become uncomfortable after seeing fresh evidence of a bear, he'd want to turn back because twilight was setting in, etc.. The fifth time I had learned my lesson and took a woman with me on the trip. It was the first time I actually made it to the top. I am very much looking forward to climbing this mountain again this coming May, and you bet I'll take a woman with me for the trip.

  • dh

    I don't you can possibly say that either sex is 'stronger' because strength comes in many guises and varies from person to person. All you can say is that women are a different sex to men.

  • Xena

    dh stole what I was going to say

  • Tatiana
    I'm working an 88-hr week schedule for my jobs. What do you think?

    Frannie, I know the feeling....78 hours last week for me. PLUS.....I have two teenage sons. I keep my house clean. I cook a wonderful homemade dinner three nights a week. I grocery shop, wash clothes, pay bills, do my own hair and nails, put together an entertainment center last week (all I wanted for Christmas was a Black and Decker high powered drill!--NO ONE touches my drill!)

    I've raised six children all alone. (and that means not even a dime of child support-bastard) I'm not an alcoholic, or on drugs. I don't smoke. I've been through hell. Abused physically and mentally by parents and ex-husband, raped, homeless, (with kids) hurt, used, and down to my last nickle in my pocket. Lived through shunning for 12 years by my mother. My sisters death. My aunts lung cancer and death.

    But, here I am. Stronger than ever. I have a strong mind, and I know I can make it through anything.

    I know what you mean, xena and dh, but I'm sorry....women may not have ALL the physical strength, but when it comes to mental stamina, multi-tasking, and the will to keep going when everyone and everything is conspiring to make you fail, I think we have the strength of the Gods.

  • Tatiana

    Now if I could only find a man who appreciates it....*sigh*

  • frenchbabyface

    OMG (((Tatiana)))

  • Sunnygal41

    I would tend to be on the side of dh and Xena on this........to be fair. As a woman, I do appreciate Stilla's support and all the other men who have chimed in, tho. We need to bring balance to the whole gender issue..........give credit where credit is due, which includes the brainwashing we received in the WTS.


  • limbo

    guys die sooner

  • dh



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