My God Complex

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  • lilybird

    It makes me wonder also why we are so preoccupied with God and what the meaning of life is and what our purpose is. Does it really matter? I mean in the whole scheme of things. So many witnesses living for their reward of paradise (or heaven in some cases).I was a teenager in the 70's when all the adults talked about 1975 being a marked year. People sold their homes they had worked their whole lives for and moved to apartments so they wouldn't be caught up in the love of the old system of materialism. Funny though, 5 to 10 years later, all those poor saps had bought homes again and tried to make a future for retirement before its too late. Why must this preoccupation with pleasing a higher power encompass our entire lives?? Why do we look for something , some greater power to make life better for us..

  • rebel8

    Here is what I believe. Don't let the name throw you off, it is more of a philosophy than a religion in the traditional sense of the word.

  • rebel8
    Did I demand that my kids worshiped me simply because I helped put them on this earth? No.
    Did I play games with my kids to prove that they loved me so much they would kill for me just to prove it? No.
    Was I a jealous father because they chose to love others as much as they did me? No.
    Did I tempt them with a bag of cookies that they could not eat or I would kick them out of the house if they did? No.
    Did I threaten to kill them and all their friends if they did not keep telling me how great I was and what a great provider I was every night before they hopped in bed or sat down for a hot dog and coke? No.


  • peacefulpete

    Seeking "The Purpose of Life" is an illusion. It assumes an absolute. It's just as meaningless as claiming to know "The Key the Happiness" when we know happiness, like sense of purpose, is the by-product of good choices and good luck. Anyone who claims to have "The Key to Happiness" is selling something. Seeking 'purpose in life' is healthy and brings joy. Do the things that bring lasting joy. Add purpose to your life. This is found in doing things that bring tangible benefits to oneself and others. Allow yourself to become passionate about something new, perhaps art,music, a cause, children. Do things for others. Apply yourself to learning. People who ask what "The Purpose of Life" is are wasting life and usually fall into selfish patterns.

    The facts of biology, while important in many ways, really don't determine your sense of well being and purposefulness to others.

    Yes we evolved, and this means that life is rare and amazing. In fact to many it is a study that provides a lifetime of facination. My wife just entered college to learn geology and geography, everyday she shares new things about the physics involved and the awesome power of volcanoes and earthquakes. She isn't asking herself "what the purpose of life".

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