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  • PotatoPeeler

    Hey everybody!

    The subtitle to this forum is "Discuss anything JW related and meet new friends", so I'm just gonna post a quick hello and the reasons why I joined this board.

    So, Hello! :D

    The reasons why I joined this board is 'cause I guess I'm not a 'borg' anymore as you guys put it. I'm gay and this has a huge confliction with the mindset of the borg. I don't think that's why I left though. I think what happened is in my earlier teenage years (I'm currently 18) I started to really get into rock music. The music made me happy, gave me an independant mind. The music of course wouldn't of been accepted in the Terms and Conditions of the WTBTS, so I started to think why should I not be able to listen to something that I really love and enjoy, when it is not harming anyone, does not particularly go against Jehovah in any way? Why do we have to wear uncomfortable dress clothes? Why do they preach that you will see your loved ones in the new system and as soon as ur baptised you have to read the daily text every day or u won't get into the new system? Why is swearing against the name of Jesus a forgivable sin, but swearing against the human bodily organisation (WTBTS) unforgivable? Why are there gay animals? If Jehovah is being loving to make sure all the people with the right heart condition become a JW before bringing the great tribulation, won't there always be non JW's with the right heart condition that haven't been preached to?

    I just found the organisation too restrictive on the lifestyle and thoughts of us humans. What if it IS false? Then we have wasted our whole lives being mindless drones, that's what. I can't change the fact that I am gay, it wasn't a personal desicion as much as the society believes. I haven't came out to any JW's including my family yet because I know what will happen. I just moved out of home, stop attending meetings and continued to be the son my parents always loved while easily living 2 lives outside their home. I'm slowly coming out of depression brought on by my upbringing. I put red and black in my hair today! I'm so happy about it 'cause it looks good, not 'cause it's worldly. My mother has been a JW her whole life and I know what kinda paranoid, guilt tripping person she is.. and I know a lot of JW's are nice and a lot also stab you in the back and there are clicks and gossip. So there.. Please to meet you guys :)

  • TresHappy

    I think your screen name is one of the best I've seen in a long time.

  • Bryan

    Welcome PP!

    Nice to have you here!


    Have You Seen My Mother

  • KKLUV155

    Hi and Welcome! Hope you find peace where ever you go.

  • kls

    Hi and welcome

  • mouthy

    Welcome to the board..... Glad you found us... Have you read the book "JIM" By June Caldwell ?

    Jim was also a JW---- But when they found out he was gay they were so cruel to him. They DF him & told him he could get back in if he attended ALL the meetings ( except the book study) Of course I do believe that when we become really promiscuois (SP) when can end up with personal problems( he had aids) But believing it was the "Truth"? he tried to attend all he was told to attend hoping to get reinstated,,,,,( He had to forget & leave any gay friends behind which he did) But Jim became so ill he could not attend the meetings So of course could not be reinstated, He became quite famous in Canada as the longest living Aids patient...Was known for his commercials informing others of protection during sex.....

    So after losing all his family on Dfellowshipping- & leaving all his gay buddies behind -When June found him she said he was having tea with his Teddy Bear his only friend now.....

    Best not to tell your folks about your being gay- else you may loose them - we all need a shoulder to lean on at times dont we??? I am the Granny on board 78 this year- so you wont get other welcomes like mine-- It is long!!!! that is why I am called mouthy- But GREAT!!!! to have you on the UNCONDITIONAL site ((((HUG)))

    Grace ( but as the WT calls me UNDESERVED KINDNESS!!

  • The JellyBaby
    The JellyBaby

    Hello 'tatoe

    So, you've dicovered you have your own mind..and it works......You are for it now!!!...

    Just kidding....Good to see you've popped in, and like what you see.


  • Sunspot

    (((Potato Peeler)))

    WELCOME! So nice to have you with us.

    I'm so glad that you were smart enough to get out of the WTS and savor the taste of freedom. I wish I had been that smart and not accepted a home bible study in 1969. I finally wised up in 1999 and DAed myself.

    Looking forward to seeing your posts,



  • PotatoPeeler

    Thanks for all the welcomes! Tonight I have done a lot of reading and a lot of heart ache has been deminished by doing so. Apostates aren't hateful! They are loving people, trying to save the cruel brainwashing of the WTS. It's a pitty that my family will continue to waste their lives away. Big hugs for all!

  • kls

    Apostates aren't hateful! They are loving people, trying to save the cruel brainwashing of the WTS

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