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    Why are there gay animals?

    Great question and one that I've thought wondered about too. I grew up around farm animals. We had nanny goats humping each other. We had hens chasing other hens and trying to crow like roosters. Some friends in our congregation had a hermaphrodite goat.

    In 1991 I went to Hawaii and saw the fish at their aquarium. One fish, the wrasse, is a tropical fish that changes it's sex. They are all born female. Only the most aggressive ones turn into males and father a new generation of wrasse.

    In 1992 we had an anti-gay ballot initiative here. Many JWs here sided with the sponsors of this proposed law declaring homosexuality unnatural. I couldn't understand how it could be unnatural if it occurs all the time on farms, in the wild, and at sea.

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    PP. welcome.

    Glad you saw "the light".

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    Hey there PotatoPeeler,

    Good to see you survived the Watchtower. Be proud of who you are and welcome to a forum that will help you continue to develop a clearer sense of who you are. steve2

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    Welcome to the dark side spud peeler ..

    " started to really get into rock music. The music made me happy, gave me an independant mind"

    well there's ya problem right there young fella - that rock music is designed by satan to deprogram your JW mindset!

    happy posting and being posted at


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