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  • Wild_Thing

    Woot-woot! Kay-Kay! (and you too, IP_SEC!!!!) It's funny because most little kids get that riddle right away and adults tend to rack their brains with it! Nothing is supposed to be the correct answer ... I have a lot of conflict about my belief in God right now, so ... so much for the riddle!

    And FMZ ... I am pretty positive about the answer to the first riddle and you are on the right track, but still not there. Ironically, the answer is FIVE letters, and it does have to do with what you put in your coded answer.

  • IP_SEC

    A bible character without a name
    Whose body to corruption never came
    Who died a death that none had died before
    Whose shroud is sold in every grocery store

    Ah this ones too easy

  • Country_Woman
    Ah this ones too easy

    maybe for Americans... but I don't get it.

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