Facts About Jehovah?s Witnesses

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  • Stromboli


    And I think that the point of that would be that the *WTS* makes a "big deal" out of long-accepted teachings of mainstream churches. THEY are the ones just popping out of the woodwork 100+ years ago, and telling others that THEY are the "only God-approved religion" on the earth, with no valid proof whatsoever.

    Agree 100% to that.

    This things are nothing compare to other more important and more relevant to us issues.

    This is the field where two mad world crash for no reasons! One wants to be right on the other regardless...

    So if a call fool the WT for doing so, why shouldn't I call fool anyone else that does that.

    What you are saying is that because the WT is doing a stupid thing to other christians it is fine if we do it do them.

    So to come and paste stuff, which already shows that the person has not intentions to engage, and then coming up with that, it's amusing to me.

    But hey...

  • AlanF

    Why does this guy remind me of the line "tilting at windmills"?


  • lilybird

    The only true way to live your life is to believe what is right for you, Not what a bunch of knobs in Brooklin decide for you, not from reading their publications and their version of the Bible.I personally don't believe in God, a loving god would not allow all the sad and bad events in our world, just to prove he's better than Satan, and if that was the case, I don't want to live in "new system" run by an egotistical god and his thug hunchmen, Amen,,,,or whatever,,,,

  • kls

    Amen Lilybird. My thoughts exactly

  • JerichoForce


    Some excellent questions raised. Next week I will be responding to questions on

    1/ Noah's Ark - The Evidence

    2/ Violence in the bible and free will

    3/ Responding to the comments made on Lee Stroebels book

    4/ Discussing the evidence for creation (by God) v's scientific and evolutonary theories

    5/ Responding to questions raised on prayer and the role of prayer in our relationship with God

    and no I have not been scared off, I just like to spend time with my children (6 1/2 year old girl - Isabella, 15 month old boy - Sebastian) on the weekend and with my wife, so don't tend to have much time on the weekends to cntribure to te forum

    God Bless and have a safe and happy weekend with your immediate families

  • Deputy Dog
    Deputy Dog


    I sent you a private message. Check your Inbox at the top of the page.

    D Dog

  • jgnat

    JerichoForce, are you open to discuss other topics introduced on the "floor", that might be off the beaten path, so to speak?

  • seedy3
    a book by Lee Stroebel called Case For Christ. he was an investigative journalist who set out to disprove the bible and the more he researched the more he gathered undeniable historical proof for the authenticity of the uncorruped Old and New Testaments

    OH BOY!!!! Fresh meat I've read some of stroebel's stuff, Not much educated work went into it in my opnion. If he'd really done the research and study he would have come up with a totally different thought on the bible then he puts across, that is unless he really wanted to prove the bible rather then disprove it. Most of his arguements are weak and vauge with little or no evidence, outside of suspected forged documents and controversal findings.


  • JerichoForce


    It is fine for you and others to say that but you can't really just make those claims without giving any examples. I would be happy to go through any examples you might have and we can look at the claim and associated veracity of sources and evidence together. It might be better to have a seperate thread though, so others can post any examples they might have..

    Take Care


  • Deputy Dog
    Deputy Dog


    I think many are waiting to hear your questions and comments on the 5 topics you mentioned? Will you start a new thread for each one?

    D Dog

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