Keeping the congregation clean?

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  • heatherg

    I just had an interesting experience today. I ran into an old ex-friend that had just been released from prison. He was sentenced for selling pot to the highschool girls he coached for soccer and for sleeping with underage girls. He's in his early 40's. Anyway, he saw me before I could escape and told me that he had been attending JW 'prayer meetings' for a month now and had just met my parents and of course told them that he knew me. He said he attended because the bible discussions were soooo deep. Anyway I was df'd 9 yrs ago, to keep the cong. clean, but now with open arms they welcome someone with a criminal and sexual record. Eveyone knows about it too, because it's been in the local paper. I'm feeling pretty upset because my own parent will talk with this man and accept him, but shun their own daughter. Does this seem right to you? I've been fine with my parents not talking to me, I've resolved it in my head and heart, but after today it brought it all right back in my face. hg

  • Elsewhere

    But you have rejected Jehover's Organization... that makes you MUCH more unclean than a pervert!

  • Goldminer

    Hey,I feel really bad for you.

    I've never been df'd but I've had to deal with self-righteous family members for 10 years now.My brother stopped speaking to me because spiritually stronger people in the family convinced him I was bad association because I didn't attend all the meetings.Yet he would sometimes come visit his old school friend who lived across the street from me.This guy was shacked up with no intentions of getting married,never reads his bible,actually has no spiritual side at all.I wasn't good enough for my brother but this guy was ok to visit whenever he felt like it.Go figure.

  • willyloman

    Here's something that helped me:

    Sometime back, while still attending meetings, there was an elder who was always on the platform giving some talk or other. He was a really poor excuse for an elder, in ways too numerous to recount here, and each time he got up to speak I just cringed.

    One night he was prattling on and a light came on in my head. I was wrong to be critical of him. He was, after all, precisely what they were looking for in an elder. He was in his element. This was HIS house!

    When I embraced the notion that this was xxxxx's "house," it all made sense to me. The next flash of light that followed was, of course, that it wasn't MY house. I haven't been in xxxxx's house for well over a year how, and I'm infinitely better off for it. He, on the other hand, is no doubt still at home.

  • FairMind

    Elsewhere’s answer is correct despite it’s sarcasm. Now to be fair, your friend committed criminal and criminally immoral acts but is he STILL doing these things? Has he repented and does he desire to live a life as a Christian? These questions are in my opinion the crux of the matter (leave the idea of whether JWs are true Christians or not out of the equation). It is what you are now, a Christian? This is what matters to God not what a person used to be.


  • Incense_and_Peppermints

    of course it's not right. the fact that the they would embrace a creep like that and shun you makes absolutely no sense to normal, thinking people.

    and now he has a happy hunting ground... guys like that don't stop.

  • heatherg

    I remember being told that I was being punished in this was by being shunned because I knew better, I knew what was expected of me. Can't the same be said about the criminal? Doesn't he know better in our society, doesn't he know what's expected of him according to the worlds standards? But that's right, JW's don't have worldly stardards, they're much worse!

  • heatherg

    God, I hadn't thought of that, he has a happy hunting ground.

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    Of course it is not right, but then.. who says the JWs are right? They will accept a noted child molester back into their midst, but not their own flesh and blood. Go figure?


  • blondie

    Unfortunately, statistics for the last 30 years show that sexual predators have the highest recidivism (repeating their crimes) than any other type of criminal, especially those that prey on minors. It is not a case of if, but when, will they re-offend.

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