Russell and Pyramids

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  • Kenneson

    Today's Bible Students, following in the footsteps of their founder, still have great reverence for the Great Pyramid. See

  • badboy

    I understand that one person developed a theory ,visited the pyramids only to find the measurement of the pyramids were off,so he started rubbing down the sides of the pyramid(s)(can anyone give me details of this story I have read?),only he was caught.

  • TheEdge

    Great feedback - and I'm very grateful for all the research you've put into it - I need to try and piece a few things together.

    The 'inches' are a tad suspect to me, surely it would have been something like 'cubits'? lol....and I feel soooo silly now, because for all these years I've believed that the Pyramids were just big tombs for important Pharaohs......

  • avengers
  • IP_SEC

    I dont know if anyone knows bout this but here is a link to a free re pub of all of russwills works in HTML.

    As if you didnt have enought spiritual food to digest! Well maybe you can start studies in the scriptures when the Awake goes once a month.


  • mkr32208
    Russell "found" that pyramidology "confirmed" his 1914 and other dates. Thus, so far as Russell was concerned, pyramidology was an independent confirmation of an already established chronology.

    I agree that is why in most of CT's books and Watchtowers he refered to the Pyramids as the "great witness of Giza" Not the great prophet or any such thing! There is however very little doubt that the man (and the men who followed him) were all fruitcakes!

  • upside/down

    You're ALL worng...

    Russell's work and the meaning thereof has been lost in translation and due to demun influence has been corrupted!

    He actually wasn't saying the "pyramids" it was really "PYRAMID SCHEME"....

    Now does it make more sense? lol

    u/d (of the gotta be a smart (or is it dumb?) ass class)

  • jeanniebeanz

    Has anyone here ever heard of Dr. Gene Scott? He is another theologian who has pointed to the Great Pyramid as having 'fortune telling' abilities.

    I tried to listen to his ideas, but he goes around in circles so much that he?s hard to follow. He also has an almost cult like following like Russell did.

    What is it about those Pyramids that have had mankind so fascinated with them for millennia?


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