Disfellowshipping Is A Way To Show Jehovah Loves You..........

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  • ScoobySnax

    I agree with you there.

  • kj

    My cousin is about to get a dose of that "love" tonight.

  • Goldminer

    Duh....how long was the prodigal son disfellowshipped for?

  • JustTickledPink

    It's the same as the parent who beats their child and says "I am doing this because I love you" ... humph, really?

  • Rod P
    Rod P

    Hi there! I'm one of the new guys "on the block"

    I went thru Disfellowshipment back around 1967. I converted to the Mormon Church, and so my D'f was on the grounds of Apostasy. At least I found myself in a new situation with a lot of new friends, so did not really suffer on an immediate basis. I think that for people who are going thru Disfellowshipment, even if you are disassociating yourself from the JW's (rather than them doing it to you), it would be a good idea to have some people or friends or family members who are not JW to serve as your "Support Group". It is not a good idea to be all alone while this painful event is happening, and also afterwards. Otherwise you can sink into the depths of despair and depression, and find your life just falling apart. Some people can't handle this, and can even go so far as to end it all.

    I know that for some people this may not really seem possible, since it may be that JW's are all they've ever known, such as being raised in it, and so they have no-one on the outside to give them support. It is very important to try and get help and also try to find some new friends outside of the organization. Being all alone and isolated is one of the worst states to be in, so try to change that. Refuse to be alone. Do something. Get out there and meet some people. Also, physical exercise can do a lot to combat depression. Get out there and enjoy nature, and the world will not look near as bad or bleak. I also think this whole forum can be helpful, because it can make you see that you are not alone. There is an awful lot of collective wisdom on this forum, I have recently discovered!

    I have seen accounts of experiments with either monkeys or chimpanzees (I can't remember which), where the scientists would put one "monkey" in a cage in total isolation, and another one they held and nurtured the infant. Each received the same identical diet and feeding, and shelter and all of the basic necessities of life. In a short while, the one that was in isolation actually died. They are social creatures, and are not meant to be alone or isolated. Human beings are even more so in need of physical contact and companionship. It is very unnatural to be all alone, and it is one of cruelest forms of punishment to inflict isolation and ostracization onto another person. This is NOT love. This is cruelty of the worst kind, and when done deliberately, like the W.T. Society does, it is downright EVIL.

    I know that the Society depends on the New Testament and the words of the Apostle Paul for their justification. Paul talks about those who, after having been give the Truth, they then turn their backs on it by their behavior. For those people, Christians are supposed to remove them from their midst, and not associate with them. I am going to try to deal with this whole issue with a view to putting this whole "myth" and misapplication to rest on this thread shortly. I do not believe the Society's position on Disfellowshipment can be logically justified and defended.


    Rod P.

  • ScoobySnax

    Rod.... you went from the JWs to the LDS church??? are you still there?


  • freedom96

    I think convincing themselves that Jehovah uses df'ing as a way to show love eases the guilt they feel for doing what they do.

  • Rod P
    Rod P

    To ScoobySnax:

    No, am not not still a Mormon either.

    If you want to know the story, please go to "Personal Experiences & Reunions" and then click the topic "X-JW, X-Mormon & More OR: Around the World's Religions in 60 Years". It is still a "Work-in-Progress" but the first installment will give you an encapsulated account.

    Rod P.

  • Khazar


    You have a kind heart. I wish you had been in my congregation when I was disfellowshipped.


  • mamas


    do you still think disfellowshipping is right when a person brother or sister gets into a gay relationship?

    at this point is it justified?

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