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    I guess I have a little problem understanding the abuse issue

    1. Because I only just now started looking into it and am overwhelmed by all of the info

    2. Because this happened in my congo back in the late 70s and the guy was 'hung'. Everyone in the congo knew exactly what he did, he was DFd and he was put in jail for a while after.

    Evidently not all congos do this? Is org policy part of the prob? I know if a charge is made we are to call the legal dpt imediately. Is this bad?

    Can you put together a concise list of grievances on this subject that I can research myself?

    Thanks for helping me with my apostacy!



  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    Evidently not all congos do this? Is org policy part of the prob? I know if a charge is made we are to call the legal dpt imediately. Is this bad?

    Your congregation was the exception. The official teaching is that a child must have 2 eyewitnesses to an act of rape/molestation. Realize this means that 2 adults must stand and watch the child being raped without stopping it, otherwise there was no abuse. The only other way the elders would take action would be if the offender confessed. If the child does not have 2 eyewitnesses (and few do), then the child is presumed to be lying. Therefore to repeat such lies to the police is slander and the child would be subject to judicial action. This is the biggest problem and why abuse has run rampant in the organization. It effectively provides a perfect breeding ground for child abuse. I know of several people in my area who reported child abuse to the elders and were told to keep quiet and not go to the police, "or else". When I came forward about my parents, a circuit overseer told me to "shut up" or he would "see to it personally" I was disfellowshipped.

    Recently the Society modified the stance a little bit by saying that elders were now required to report allegations of abuse only where required to be law. If the law doesn't require it, the elders are to stay silent.

    Here's an excellent thread that compiles anything you might want to know about child abuse and Jehovah's Witnesses:

  • IP_SEC

    Whoa! Thanks Big Tex, thats perfect. The very first thread really got to me. It is hypocritical that Catholic children can be trusted but Witness kids are liars. If this ever happens in my hall I WILL tell the authorities whether its the law or not, let them investigate it. They are the professional law, not me. If it is or isnt true let the burden to find out be on the authorities.

    Meanwhile be a hiding place for the defenseless.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    is hypocritical that Catholic children can be trusted but Witness kids are liars

    Yeah kinda reminds of that old saying, "Depends on whose ox is getting gored."

    To me the WTS policy is the epitome of evil and I can't imagine how those people live with themselves.


  • avishai

    check out

    check out this case, it's fairly typical of the way they handle them

    and the follow up

  • zen nudist
    zen nudist

    in countries like Denmark where sex is free and easy and sex education begins in grammar school

    molestation is almost non-existant.... why?

    when sex is hidden and repressed the molesters have a much easier time.... religion creates a very good breeding ground

    for molesters.

  • Swan
    Thanks for helping me with my apostacy!

    Welcome! I like your style!

    In the congregations I have been involved in, each situation ends differently. I had the misfortune of being around during four cases in three congregations.

    Cong. #1: In the late 70's a MS molested his eldest granddaughter (he had two under 5, but I don't remember if the youngest was also involved). He was reported to the authorities; served weekend jail time. The congregation publicly reproved him since he was repentant. In the local needs talk, the men were warned to watch their sexual desires. Then the wives were admonished to provide marital due so that their husbands wouldn't be so inflamed that they would commit immorality. You see, this MS had a sick, bedridden wife, and so he turned to his granddaughter to satisfy his sexual appetite. He explained to the elders that it was partly his wife's fault, and he was sorry, so he just got public reproof. We were also counseled that we were supposed to accept this discipline as being from Jehovah and treat this brother as before. To shun him would be wrong (no matter how repulsed we were). Six months later he had full privileges again.

    Cong #2: MS was accused by his wife of molesting their oldest daughter (under 5). He went to jail, had to have supervised visits, and the daughter had psychological counseling. In this counseling the therapist was able to discover exactly what had happened through using anatomically correct dolls. The incident almost split the congregation due to the popularity of this couple. Some sided with him, some with her. She took the girls and left him and the "Truth", and eventually got a worldly boyfriend. Of course, then the congregation was back in the man's camp and they all believed that the woman had been having a secret affair with this boyfriend all along, and had coached her daughter in what to say just to keep custody of her girls when she left her husband and the truth for this other man.

    Cong. #3: MS went to prison for abusing a young boy. The elders questioned him, and he admitted it. He was disfellowshipped.

    In a separate incident, a former elder, known for being a very controlling and strict parent, was accused of raping three of his six daughters when they were very young. These three were now grown and married, but only one could recall the events clearly. She was his accuser. The elders, due to their being only one witness against him, had to let him go. Nothing was done to this man. The daughter who was his accuser, and her two young children, died about a year later in an accidental death where she crossed the center line and collided with a cement truck. The family and cong. insisted that it was due to insulin shock, but the police found no evidence of it. I know even more about this case, but can't reveal it in this forum.

    So sometimes the system works, and sometimes it doesn't, to the frustration of many, including sometimes the elders who want to do the right thing, but whose hands are tied by the two witness rule, the Watchtower legal department, and the decisions of other elders in the congregations.


  • toladest

    Did you see the Dateline special? I think it sums it up pretty well. You can also find it on the Silentlambs web site.

    Daniel Fitzwater is pictured on the show and he was in prison at the time of the filming of Dateline. He is out of prison now and was never reproved or DFed. The WTS and congergation stood behind him and he has remained a JW in good standing.

  • IP_SEC

    Na back when that came out I thought of it as anti witness propaganda garbage . I'll check it out though.


  • toladest

    The most compelling part of the Dateline show to me was hearing the tape recording of the response of the legal department when being asked (thinking they were talking to an elder) what should be done about a girl that accused her dad of abuse. The response by the WTS was to ask the dad if it was true and if he said no then they were to drop it.

    The show was very well done and I can tell you first hand in talking to the producer Richard Greenberg that they would NOT put anything on the show that they could not back up and prove 100%. I gave him a lot of info, but he said he would not use hearsay. He only would use what he could prove.

    I have a lot of respect for that show as a result....

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