Suppose Brooklyn Changed The Rules On Disfellowshipping?

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  • JustTickledPink

    It was funny, I went to a memorial 2 years ago and a sister openly talked to me and hugged me and just chatted like nothing was different, meanwhile her MS husband stormed off and went and sat in the car. I think he was mortified!

  • flower

    Without the dfing policy the org would be gone within a few years. Thats the only thing keeping most people from asking hard questions and exploring their doubts. Without that threat the information we all have would flow within the org and thered be a mass exodus. The org isnt stupid enough to do away with dfing.

  • Swan

    That's when I would start thinking about instituting my own disfellowshipping policy. I like a lot of things about my life now, and don't want to go back to being pestered all the time. I don't want elders calling me up about trivial stuff. I don't want JWs calling me for free computer help, to hit me up for a loan, or tell me I just have to read the latest very extra special Watchtower because it is so good that it proves that Armageddon is just around the corner.

    I would really have to consider carefully if I want my relatives back in my life and how it might affect my new family. My husband probably wouldn't like them very much after the way they've treated me for ten years. I ran into my brother at a seafood place once years ago and my husband was about ready to deck him! He has said he would be willing to help any of my relatives who want to leave the cult, but they need to be sincere.


  • rebel8
    Suppose the Society "adjusted their thinking" on the matter of disfellowshipping. Would you still feel so angry with the witnesses?

    Yep. The main reason I'm angry with them is because disobedience of any kind results in the threat of being slaughtered by the diety. That could never be outweighed by the removal of shunning by humans.

    Lack of DF wouldn't change their requirement of not only behavioral compliance with all their doctrines, but mental agreement with them as well. Since all of their doctrines are terribly flawed, the requirement to obey and agree with them unquestioningly is unacceptable.

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