Suppose Brooklyn Changed The Rules On Disfellowshipping?

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  • Englishman
    Hey English - have you been dismembered yet or you still on the run like me?

    Heh heh. Got me stripes July 21 1972. Which makes me an old git compared to your good self.


  • stillajwexelder

    YES - changing the DFing policy would make a huge difference to me

  • unclebruce

    So let me see 30 days has april, june and sep.....61 plus 28 carry the ... according to my 70's math you were dismembered 96 days before I was dunked .. ooo spooky ..kinda like I took your place lol.

    Sorry for trivialising this thread stillajwexelder.

    I'll tell you something weird about all this disfellowshipping business. I have three sisters still very much "in the truth". One is safely married to an Elder but the other two have numerous worldly boyfriends but have never been called to account. Now my family is extremely forthright, believe it or not I am the shy retiring one. The last time they tried to get my younger sister Joanne before a judical committee she refused to go telling the gobsmacked Elder "but you don't understand - I'm a Freeman - we're different!"

    I suppose they get away with it by keeping their spiritual and social life separate lol

  • JustTickledPink

    They won't change the rule on DF'ing (although it would make sense) because they keep their "faithful" members very ignorant that way. Ignorance breeds conformity to the organization.

    Think about it, if we suddenly were allowed to enjoy family dinners, picnics, days at the beach, etc... the "faithful" ones would soon see we lived great lives, had happiness, and would wonder why their lives weren't as wonderful as they had been promised. Shielding them from the real truth, keeps them following the carrot.

  • unclebruce

    That's dispicable JustTickledPink1

    You'd almost think the JW religion was run by power-mad fanatics

    Don't change WTBTS we hate you just the way you are

    unclebruce hates what is bad class

  • gumby
    They could simply announce that when one has left the JW's for whatever reason, remaining members must avoid discussing their beliefs with them, thus they have been effectively disfellowshipped from spiritual matters without engendering hatred because of the severance of family ties.

    1Cor.5:11 is the scripture used as a basis for disfellowshipping among the witnesses. That scripture says." if anyone calls himself "a brother" and grossly sins, they are to be shunned.

    Us apostate heathen bastards don't WANT to be called a brother/sister any WHY don't they just at least apply their shunning practices to those who CLAIM to be a witness and practice sin?

    That 1974 article that was posted was written by RAY Franz and was changed in Sept 1981....shorty after they kicked him out of bethel in 1980.


  • freedom96

    I am a fan of anything that would keep friends and families together, regardless of personal religious beliefs.

  • eyeslice


    The question is hypothetical. They wouldn't be changing any rules in the near future.

    The latest directive to the rank and file that I know of about disfellowshipping was in the Aug 02 KM. At the time my feeling was that it was a hardening of attitudes, perhaps the WTBTS thought the R&F were getting lax.

    Here is a link to the whole scanned article;


  • Sunspot

    There is NOTHING that the WTS could do that would endear me to them. Yes-they've shredded my entire family to bits, but any changes in their disfellowshipping "rules" would not have any affect on me whatsoever.

    The fact that I was cleverly deceived from square one, the fact that agreeing to a "free home bible study" would end up 30 years later with the repercussions that it has, and the fact that I had written my DA letter telling them that I no longer wanted to be *known* as a JW because my own personal integrity was in danger if I stuck around---all these things are a composite of why I don't ever want to have anything to do with them.

    They've sucked too much out of me as it is and I will always loathe the WTS. If they came to my door and said that all dfing laws had been rescinded and I would be welcomed back with open arms, it wouldn't even mean a thing. That wouldn't change the fact that they are a harmful and dangerous (and sneaky) cult.


  • M.J.

    I think doing away with the DF'ing policy would be surrendering way too much of their control which is all that's maintaining their current organizational structure. It would have to be accompanied by other sweeping changes to the point where the organization would not at all be the same organization that is in place today.

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