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    Really, lots of people hate and despise JWS, not just him. JWS get in your face with their beliefs and try and impose them on others, so it is understandable that they PO some people.


    With the greatest respect, I believe it is a statement condoning such a position, it is a very dangerous stand to take. We (society in general) have to learn never to tolerate hatred and bigotry.


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    UB , eyeslice

    ok, I understand what u were saying now, but I still don't know what "strawman" means.

    and I will say this with respect to both of u, and londoner too, I think Denver should have restrained himself, but, I don't actually disagree with it either. Rock stars and movie stars are very fond of stating political opinions and personal ones too. The time period Denver did this, was the 60 and 70's . It was as turbulent politically then as it is now, maybe even more so. JWS can be extremely annoying and often just seem to go out of their way to be difficult. By that I mean, not standing for the salute, not singing the national anthem, not bowing their heads during a prayer at an event. It seems to me they ask for the trouble. Now, I do not know what they did to Denver, apparently something that made him dislke them intensely. So what I think I am trying to say is, they sort of got what they asked for by irritating people. And JWS just love this too, they are as annoying as any people on earth can be, and then wonder why people dislke them, and scream persercution. it rather sounds like they got on his last nerve. Maybe he just had had it with them.

    I don't see this as a breakdown of the very foundation of a free society, I see it as Denver as just PO'd and wanting to make a statement.It was his "party" and he did what he wanted.

    I was at a Meat Loaf concert once and he became very annoyed with a group in the balconey and insulted them from the stage. They got up and left due to the humilation. He insulted religious people in general too, but mocking them for thinking his album cover was satanic.Also, he hated the Dallas Cowboys and was so mad he asked if there was anyone from Dallas at the concert. U can bet I did not raise my hand.

    The point I'm making, stuff like this happens at concerts from time to time and u could find yourself bounced out just b/c u were from dallas texas.

    That is why I said I did not exactly agree, but everyone here is certainly entitled to and opinion and i respect that opinion as well.

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    The point I'm making, stuff like this happens at concerts from time to time and u could find yourself bounced out just b/c u were from dallas texas.

    This probably belongs on the other thread, not this apology one, but...

    Since when do people get kicked out of concerts for anything but their behavior? Being rowdy? Sure. Bringing in drugs/alcohol? Sure. Sneaking in? No doubt. I doubt any performer would shut down a show until people from Dallas left. Making a statement is one thing. Saying you hate Dallas people because you hate the Cowboys, or that you're embarassed of President Bush is just voicing your opinion. Kicking people out is another. Hope you got your money back. Should have been a warning before the concert.

    People in the balcony interfering with the Meatloaf show deserved to be kicked out or embarassed. I used to work security at concerts and we would certainly have relocated them. But I wouldn't ask somebody to leave because they were black or white or worshipped Buddah or Jehovah. That's inexcusable. I have no love for the JW religion, but wouldn't ask a JW to leave my home unless he wasn't behaving.

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    Don't worry, londoner, "Sunshine" gets on my last nerve too! Now, go get yourself a glass of bitters, put on some Aerosmith, and relax.

    Nina (of the Not-A-John-Denver-Fan Club)

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    I have no love for the JW religion, but wouldn't ask a JW to leave my home unless he wasn't behaving.

    Especially if you had charged him for coming.

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    I knew some Dubs who would go to see John Denver in concert years ago.........okay, a few decades ago in the 1970s.....but he never once asked if there were any Witnesses in the audience and then ask them to leave............did he only do this at certain concerts? And why did he seem to have a fanatical hatred of JWs?

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    Unc and eye. I think you misunderstood Wed's reply. She was simply trying to add some balance to the thread.

    So back off. I own a "fleet" of 2000 carrier pigeons and I know where you live.

    xjw_b12 who thought John Denver was the forerunner of a whole bunch of music industry phonies

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    Since it was I who started the original topic about whether John Denver was pro JW ....................I must say that you do not owe any apology.

    You said what you saw..................and I believe you!

    There were many answers to this post.........some bad.............most of them good.

    Just too many skeptics and doubting Thomas' here!

    But what else can we expect.............after a time/lifetime of WT indoctrination?



  • HappyDad

    One more thing..........................

    ALIAS is on in 15 minutes.......................if you haven't watched it....................START!


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