Are Dubs warned about JWD at Meetings?

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  • Heatmiser
    I've read it in quite a few posts comments about the WTS monitoring sites like this.. is this just paranoia on some members or is there any hard proof that they do come here?

    One poster has/had a court case with the WTBS and he claims that his posts here where presented to him in deposition hearings. I think that there are people that have been "outed" by being on this site.

  • TMS

    I'm certain individual elders check out this site without asking anyone for approval. I was an elder for over 30 years and never hesitated to read any information about Jehovah's Witnesses to refute the charges if nothing else.

    About a year ago I received a series of email messages from an elder I had known nearly forty years ago. He still serves. He recognized me from a number of my posts which he described as "tugging at the heart strings." He hoped that the knowledge that he was reading my posts would not in any way "stifle" me. Of course, (if he still lurks) I would never reveal his name.


  • onacruse

    Not that I've heard, except that JWs are warned, in general, about visiting Internet sites that have to do with JWs.

    At one of the last meetings I attended, an MS gave a talk about the Internet. Now, this fellow happened to be very savvy about computer stuff, and he suggested in his talk that providing hyperlinks to the official WTS page on a personal websight might not be a bad thing.

    He got his ass kicked hard for that...and that was 10 years ago.

    But, he's now an elder...far be it from me to decifer the purposes of the Almighty.

  • lonelysheep

    At a meeting last summer, the brother giving the public talk warned us that there our those among us 'in our very own organization who truly are sheep in wolves clothing....that they are against jehovah's org and only come to meetings to find info and tear us down'. I was shook at the thought! Lol, now. I thought to myself..."how do they know that?" No mention was made of where this info came from.

    Shame on them.

  • DevonMcBride

    I know of several ex-JW's that lurked on this site while they were still active. Information and news about the Society comes here before it reaches the Kingdom Halls.

    On one of the JW only message boards I'm subbed to, several of the truth loving brothers and sisters have said it was hard to find true JW sites because they stumble onto the apostate sites first.


  • TresHappy

    My parents tell me at every assembly and convention they warn about the dangers of the Internet, and sites that are supposedly good JW sites that turn out to be apostate. I went to the witness, inc. chat room several years ago and stirred up so much stuff they kicked me out. It was a pleasure to do so.

  • The Thinker
    The Thinker

    There is NO WAY the Org will ever mention this site or any other site by name, and there are hundreds of anti-JW sites. I still go to meetings, all they ever say is to keep away from the net, and how 'satan' have led many away from the 'truth' by the use of the net. I can't believe I once believed all that rubbbish. They won't allow any Elders to view these sites because they might be 'lost' too, well, if they are truly truth loving men, they will be see how much lies the WTS have being telling them as well. As far as any of the bigger guys in Bethal are concerned, I have no doubt that they are checking on all of these sites, these and most of the others, notice how quickly they resigned as NGO for the United Nations when it was mentioned on this site, I was following the whole thing from the first time it was mentioned here, and within 2 weeks they resigned, so try and convince me that they aren't looking ( Hello ! Govering Body hehe ) and if any of the GB or DO's or CO's or even Elders do know the truth about the WST lies and fight to protect the WTS and to keep it going, then it makes there sin so far more serious, they are like the Pharisee's who were only concerned about their postion and kill Jesus because he was exposeing them.

    Thank you.

  • undercover

    Randy Watters site was mentioned by name to my by an elder who was counseling me one time. It was in private, but other elders were present. I was surprised when it was brought up. I played dumb like I'd never heard of it or knew what he was talking about.

  • xjw_b12

    Are Dubs warned about JWD at Meetings?

    I wish they would, we would be swamped with newbies.

    And as for elders coming here, if they want the latest news on special meeetings, announcements, upcoming conventions/ assemblies and new publication releases, JWD is the place to hear it first!

  • FairMind

    Most of us that post on this website share personal JW experiences. Also, many of us have identified the general location where we live (state, town, etc.). I’m sure that the WTS monitors this site. I have also wondered if they might be collecting tidbits of information about each of us anonymous entities and have a program in place to try to piece together the puzzle of, (1) are we active JWs? And (2) “who are we”? This type of information could be fed back to elders in our general areas to see if they know of anyone it might point to.

    I believe that eventually most JWs who have an ounce of curiosity and access to the Internet will visit an apostate website at least one time. If they read something, say an experience that strikes a responsive cord, they’ll read-on and probably be back.


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