So I saw an old JW friend last night at ........the bar???

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  • Low-Key Lysmith
    Low-Key Lysmith

    It just so happens that I work in a bar. A few months ago a group of 4 young people came in and as I ID'd them, I noticed the "No Blood" card in all of their wallets. I didn't say anything about it at that point. Later, as they were all SHITFACED, I cut the group off. They called me a "f***ing pr**k", and at that point, I let on that I knew what organization they were involved with and that I thought it was pretty hypocrytical of them to display such language and behavior. I asked them what they thought Jesus was thinking about them right now and had a good laugh as they scurried out the door. All of them speechless and mortified. No tip by the way. Cheap bastards.

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