Fire the smokers.... Looks like someone was inspired by the WTS....

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  • upside/down

    Why not all things that threaten health:

    obesity, un-safe sex, being a JW (mental), watching reality TV, riding rodeo, taking a shower etc.

    Wouldn't a simple "rider" on the policy that states if you choose to smoke, ANY condition that is DIRECTLY ATTRIBUTABLE to smoking won't be covered. Problem solved.


  • Elsewhere
    Why not all things that threaten health:

    Just a matter of time before they start checking people's salt/sodium count in their blood.

    I can understand charging someone reasonably more for health coverage if they have unhealthy habits, but out-right discriminating against them is wrong.

    If someone wants to self-destruct that is their own personal business.

  • TresHappy

    This is so stupid. I detest smoking, don't allow it in my car/house/work, but if people want to smoke on their own time it's not their employer's business!

  • rebel8

    If Michigan is an employment at will state, and the employees didn't have any type of employment contract, then it's not illegal to fire them. In that situation, employees can be fired at any time, for any reason, as long as it's not due to membership in a protected class (race, gender, etc.) or in retaliation for contacting regulatory agencies. Not illegal, sorry. We employees don't have as many rights as you'd think.

  • Incense_and_Peppermints


    i don't smoke, but i completely disagree with this. cigarettes are not illegal, and what business is it of theirs what employees do on their own time? i mean, are they going to start doing cholesterol counts on employees next, and tail people home to see if they stop at Wendy's too often? this is so Big-Brother-ish. i'd sue them!

  • jeanniebeanz
    Why not all things that threaten health:

    Well, there goes Mondays at McDonalds

    btw, the online poll is stating a 73% disapproval rating for this company's decision right now.


  • frenchbabyface

    That reminds me something ... a manager got statistic that a smoker lose 6 minutes on a day job for smoking (I've thought that actually it was a very low ... I spend much more ) but as she was a very big coffee drinker I've asked her how much time she was loosing all day getting her coffees and coffee talks - 15 to 20 minutes each times for real 4 to 6 if not more times a day (when she should be working) ... but oh well

  • jwbot

    "i do see the point of the company's invasion of their employee's personal life....which i am totally against...however, legal or not, cigarettes are not good for you..."

    And neither is eating junk food, or not exercising, same with being overweight. All those things legal and none of the companies business, like smoking. I do not smoke, I eat health food and I exersize daily...when I own a company, should I fire people who do not do the same things because its unhealthy and will potentially cost me more? I think it is an outrage and discrimination.

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    Kills me. I understand that. But I am a smoker, and I am not an inconsiderate smoker. If I can't smoke somewhere, I don't. But to demand that someone change their ways for a JOB, inside their own homes, is just stupid. What about those who drink too much alcohol? Those people who choose extreme sports as their hobby? Their risks of dying are just as high as those who smoke. What about people who go over the speed limit? What about those that eat high fat foods and are fat? Next they are goingto require us to do 20 minute workouts 3 x a week to get health insurance, and demand that we only eat certain foods.

    How far can they go? As far as we let them. To me, this is utter hypocrisy. they should be held to their OWN standards, as far as that goes.


  • Ghosthunter

    I heard about this on the local news this morning and I thought I was HEARING things. I can't believe this is legal, but I guess it is.

    I agree 100% with Country Girl. I am a smoker, but I don't attempt to smoke anywhere that it's not welcome. My company and it's drug test policies tell me I can't smoke pot, but that's illegal. I don't agree with it, but I have to have a job. There's no WAY a company would tell me I couldn't do something that was perfectly legal, regardless of how bad it is for you.

    Funny thing is, this Weyco company used to be my company's Third Party Administrator for insurance. Basically, without going into a long explanation, they were our health insurance company. They were a horrible company to deal with and we dropped them.

    My $.02.


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