The nature of God?

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  • JamesThomas


    What I have read of your posts reflects what in some circles is referred to as non-duality: In other words God/our Source, is not other; not separate, but rather Infinity. There is no place where our Source is not. God, is the ultimate reality of all existence and non-existence. The Bible, on the other-hand, most always implies, or uses language that can easily be interpreted to mean, that God is but another definable object or thing (duality). One can find Biblical verses that imply non-duality, but even here if there is not some degree of non-duel understanding these verses can easily be read to mean something other.

    You may enjoy a book called The History of Mysticism, by S. abayananda. Here you will find an exceptionally warm and well written history of the unfettered view of the Divine. There is little need to reinvent the wheel.


  • Polemotheos


    Yes I realize it is easy for many to think God is some finite thing located at some particular place. Some even think God has hands, eyes, feet, a face, sits on a throne...etc. Well what can I do for those people? Not worry about.

    peace and love,


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