New ... Apple iProduct !! :-)

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  • Simon
  • ScoobySnax

    This really made me laugh...... I have a friend who constantly extolls the virtues of Apple over my poor old Windows PC......Can I have the link to this so I can send it to him?


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  • ballistic

    I recently destroyed a mac - ripped out the IDE drives and DVD ROM, wacked them in a PC, put the motherboard in my extensive motherboard museum and threw the rest in the dustbin.

  • under74

    It's funny because it's true...I HATE APPLE SO MUCH!!

    You know it's bad enough that my mac crashed as soon as the warranty was up and I spent the next 3 days trying to restore it (lost everything), but nothing is ever made compatable. I need a software program that will make organizational charts but everything is for pc. Apple's got software up the ying-yang but it's nothing you really need...I mean do we really need Garage Band? Should people that don't know how to play a musical instrument be allowed to easily create music? What the hell is the world coming to when talentless jerks can make songs on their mac's, but I can't get an organizational map made? I'm so frustrated right now I could punch somebody--Steve Jobs!!!!

  • Incense_and_Peppermints

    does this include iPods? 'cause i luv my and my iPod are one. there's an iPocalpyse coming, and you're so not ready...

    She may have lost Brad, but she's still got her iPod...

  • Incense_and_Peppermints
    I'm so frustrated right now I could punch somebody--Steve Jobs!!!!

    not Steve Jobs! he's like, a genius...(that's him on the right)

    i think he's aging quite gracefully..

    Apple CEO Steve Jobs. Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Image

  • Country_Woman

    great !!!

    I love this kind of advertisement.

    and ofcourse I am very fond of Apple.... to bad that I have to internet on a laptop at the moment.

  • under74

    Incense- I don't care how he's know how much grief I've been through with this thing? Sure, I've never gotten a computer virus and I can make my computer talk like a robot.....but that doesn't make up for the money I've spent.

    Steve Jobs can rot in hell!!!!

  • LittleToe

    I understand that even the columnist "Macbiter", who was a rabid supporter of Apple, is getting jaded with them. That really is quite telling.

    Besides, what's this business of only having one mouse button???

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