I'm beating myself up today....

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  • BrendaCloutier

    OFC, thanx so much for the bare erm bear cuddle and hug. Most appreciated.

    Doc won't Rx narcotics becase of being an alki. I develop an addiction/high tolerance to them. So I get 50 or 100 in Mexico, and when they're gone, they're gone. Also, the stuff I get Tramadol, or Ultram in the US can have a negative reaction with the antidepressants I'm on (Effexor). In extreme cases, seisures. Another reason Doc wont Rx the Ultram. He's had it happen to a patient. But the low doses of Tramadol work well on me. 1 every three days. 2 on a bad day.

    So OFC, Jeanniebeanz, either of you succeed in getting SSD (Social Security Disability)? I'm waiting for my judicial hearing (gawd that rings too many bells) it's been 10 months since applied for. Should get word soon.



  • Golf

    Sounds more like the worst part of your vacation is over, now, go and enjoy the trip, the best part is yet to come.


  • Special K
    Special K

    You may just have to sleep through your whole vacation Brenda..to just work up the energy to relax LOL

    I know, it's exhausting getting ready to go on vacation isn't it?

    Special K

  • fairchild

    Ya'know how bad stuff comes in threes... what's next?

    Tsk, tsk, tsk..... doesn't superstition turn us into slaves?

    Heh, next will be the nice vacation where you will have time to take care of your eye. Have a nice vacation.

  • Sunnygal41

    Poor baby!!!

  • jeanniebeanz

    Well, I never applied for SSI or Disability because my symptoms are more embarrasing than really debilitating just yet. My sis in ore has it much worse, and I expect that as I get older, I may have much more serious issues. For me, it's the Dizzy Dame syndrome, not knowing where my body (on some days my mind as well) is at so that I bump into things (especially my bum, damn-it), pain in my shoulders, knees, and neck. Some in my hands but I can still hold a full coffee mug so I'm okay!

    One thing that is a real pain though is my reaction to mosquito bites or any other insect bite, mostly though the mosquitos. I get bit and I will end up with a ugly red lump that is really hot. It usually is the size of a half of a softball, and takes about a week to subside and will usually leave a scar.

    Something that has helped me is Guifenicin (sp?), especially to keep my lungs clear at night so that I don't wake up in the night gasping for air. (darth vader moments). Also seems to help with the pain. Have you tried it?


  • missy04

    Poor you!!

    I hope your ribs and eye feel better!!!!

    As for the three thing, maybe you should purposely stub a toe to make sure that is the last sequence of injuries!!?

    ((hugs)) Sarah

  • BrendaCloutier

    Guys and Gals, seriously, thanx for all fo the hugs and poor baby's.

    As far as things coming in threes, I'll count trying to sit in my computer aka sewing chair and almost (not quite, but almost) missing it. So there, that bout is over.

    Today my eye isn't colored, but the eyebrow, nose, and undereye is mildly swolen and sore. The top of my ear, where my glasses sit? Painfull! It must have been the pain of being hit in the glasses hitting they eyesocket that knocked me out. It sure scared Kevan. He was a mother hen after that.

    Tomorrow at this time we will be disembarking our plane in SFO for a 2-1/2 hour layover. I got's my coffee cup handy.



  • Country_Woman

    (((( Brenda))))

    Hope your holiday will make you at ease...

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