Green Bible/Black Bible...?

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  • jt stumbler
    jt stumbler

    The Green Bible is Black sayeth the org.

  • outbutnotdown

    BTW, they passed off that new Bible as being a great "reference tool" and all that crap. The biggest reason why they brought it out and pretty much eliminated the Green one was so that no one could see how their own screwed up belief about the universe was only 48,000 years old was the very reason that they also predicted the 1975 date that they blamed on the "weak" ones.

    This one major belief flaw of theirs was the main reason that I never went back to those nutjobs. Well, that and the "worldly" people are just SO much more fun.


  • orangefatcat

    Like the old green Bibles did have refrences in them, but they were made into chapters of the Bible. I think there were six green Bibles with refrences in the center columns that made a complete set. And after that they came out with a complete version of the green Bible.

    And yes like you said Blondie hot pink song books. Do you remember the green songbooks from before the pink ones?

    You can't say that the organization is colourful. I think they did that just to be different from other churches Bibles.



  • HappyDad


    From what I always heard...........if your Mom is still using a green bible........then she really hasn't been associating and regular at meetings for years.

    They poo pood the green bible years ago. Who knows why. The green thing was Nathan Knorrs pet project since green was the color of life. WTF? Black was supposed to be for mourning and green was for rejoyceing. Give me a break.

    There was and ass..embly part many years ago about a sister meeting a "nice" brother and they talked about "theocratic" things......yeah right!....."He was thinking SEX" and the punch line was that he was still using a green bible that hasn't been used since the '70's. The bro giving the part said that anyone still using the green bible hasn't kept up with the organization and should be watched carefully.


  • Gill

    Hi there everyone and thanks!

    I thought that I had read 'somewhere' that there were significant changes somewhere in the bibles but I was probably wrong or confused, usual.

    Happydad! That explains why my mum keeps a bogey green leather cover on her Green bible. But she has rarely missed a meeting or field service, like.....forever. Don't know if she has kept up with the Organization though as she does tend to have a few sensible views of her own.

    Thanks again!

  • Gill

    Outbutnotdown, I hadn't realised that. Will take another look at it and see if she can understand it.

  • Angharad

    They needed to get rid of the dinosaur in the cover

  • onacruse

    Hello Gill Yet another dissident UKer.

    Like HappyDad said, if your Mum is still using the green NWT...well, then, maybe you need to ask her what she has stashed in the attic! Your retirement fund may be awaiting you.

    As the WTS touted it's new translation, it was more than happy to list in the various appendices the "improvements" it had made in the revisions, verse-by-verse and word-by-word.

    That went away.

    The 'black' NWT is just that.

  • Peppermint

    My friend who was on a pioneering holiday in some remote Scottish island, told me they had to stop using the green bible. The locals apparently would only speak to them if their bibles were black.

  • prophecor

    Amazing how weird our world was, in retrospect. It's even a little haunting how peculiar we must have looked to the outside world, and in many cases, just out right dangerous.

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