Female elders

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  • glitter

    When did you first realise the society wouldn't allow women to be an MS or an elder?

    I remember being seven or eight and playing dolls with an Elder's daughter in her bedroom. My doll was meeting up with her doll at the convention after not seeing each other for a long time.

    Her (as doll): How is your mummy?

    Me (as doll): My mummy is an elder now!

    Her: Girls can't be elders!

    Me: Y'What?!!!

    I didn't believe it and thought it was outrageous when I found out it was true - my mum had always told me I could be anything I wanted, even "boys's jobs".

    I hoped that they would change it as there were so many loving and helpful women in our first congregation... though not being elders didn't change that of course!

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    It's the old boys network in there!

    No women allowed in the club!


  • Country_Woman

    What really pissed me off was the fact that I, studying accounting, was not allowed to help with administration and some dimwitted sardine brain for a brother was. The guy couldn't put two and two together but he served Jehovah well, and had a penis. I was just baptised I think when I got into that argument with an elder.

    - This is Viv, using mum's comp ;)

  • barry

    Many churches now have even women as pastors or priests. The church I go to has a women elder but they havent seen the light on haveing a women pastor.

  • Country_Woman

    I remembered when they told me "no woman with priviledge" all the bether, cos I really did'nt want them....

    But ofcourse it's a very stupid politic not using the women.. That way you bereft yourself from rufly (or even far more then) 70% of your potential... After all, there's a lot to do (not mentionioning the priesting job) You never get "the best guy on the job)

  • Odrade
    dimwitted sardine brain


    Hi Viv!

  • bikerchic

    he,hee my daughter got married by a woman pastor. My JW mom and sisters after the wedding no less wondered if it was legit cuz a woman married them.

    I think I was in my teens when I realized women held no place of importance in the congregation except to populate it either by having children or bible studies. But it's ok I never aspired to be and elder anyway.

  • Elsewhere
    my mum had always told me I could be anything I wanted, even "boys's jobs".

    You forget... "elder" is not a "job", it's a "privilege".

    My JW mom and sisters after the wedding no less wondered if it was legit cuz a woman married them.

    LMAO! They have absolutely NO idea of the concept of Freedom of Religion. That?s what brainwashing does to a person.

  • prophecor

    Blondie, we need your wisdom again to instruct us as to the women in old testament, who were pillars and frontrunners of their day.

    Ruth, Deborah, Even David's First wife Abagail is mentioned having high regard as the person who helped get rid of her no account, lame ass, miserable excuse for a husband Nabal, what a sorry ass he was ( sorry, my wife's spirit is making me say these words in type, oooooooohhhh ghostly ) and because of her dilligence and persistence in displaying protocol towards David and his band of brothers, she was blessed to have Almighty God send a message to his sorry ass in the form of a stroke or a heart attack. David afterwards took the spoils in the form of a beautiful wife as stated in scripture.

    Eventhough I've been around the truth, and I no longer believe their speil or their policies truly have much merit anylonger, it still can feel strange having a woman preach from the pulpit to me, that is unless your name is Joyce Meyer or the still beautiful physical form of Gloria Copeland, beloved wife of Kenneth Copeland from the Believer's Voice of Victory Ministries, and then of course I'm all ears. It is however a sexist religion when they throw women the though shalt nevers from the new testament scriptures, but surely there must be a way around that, some loophole or something. Women have some clever insights on scripture and many a man might do well from listening to their words as from a man.

    Ladies, you are being heard, your voices are becoming increasingly hard to ignore anylonger, especially when getting a viewfull as to the things that we as men continue to briing to the table. And for many of us, that's not much.

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    When I first went to a church and saw how involved women were in leading worship, praying, etc, it was a shock! I'd never experienced that before! It's wonderful to see, women can bring different things to worship. How can you have a balanced service when it's just men?


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