How did you brutally destroy your WT publications?

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  • HappyDad

    Wow..............six months ago.....I boxed 99.99% of all my JW publications and gave it to Goodwill.

    Since then I have discovered eBay! Damn it..........I gave away a small fortune!

    It's unbelievable what some of the old books.....including yearbooks are going for! hoo! Crying Into Tissue

    But at least I kept a couple of books I thought were one of a kind.

    Yesterday....I listed one book on eBay........and as of 1 hour ago.......the bid was up to $31.00

    I still have one volumn from 1910 that I will list soon. Maybe I will get more $$$$$$$$$$

    Yeah..........I'm greedy.........but over the years I wasted more $$$$ in gas pretending to be going in the "territory" than I will ever make.

    The ones I gave to Goodwill could have provided enough beer for an apostofest here in western PA. Bottoms Up

    Oh well!!!!!!!!!!!


  • orangefatcat

    I have kept all my books for reason of references. Tomorrow I am getting the 2003 WT CD ROM and my ex has ordered the 2004 WT CD ROM for me, he thinks its his son who wants it.

    The I also have wt and aw volumes from 1950.

    Year books

    Kingdom Ministrys

    So I like them for the sole purpose of using it against u know who.


  • Poztate

    I chucked a lot of them into the fireplace...I was amazed that they burned.. since god was behind them. LOL

    I was a little sad finding out the prices on E-Bay you could get for this crap.

    Another thing would be to donate to Randy at

  • Elsewhere

    I burned my "blood card" and then took my Ministerial Servant Book Bag with all of the books, magazines, KM's, and paperwork in it and placed it in the shower wide open... and left it there for a few weeks. I then threw them away... totally soggy and utterly useless to anyone who might find them.

    Yeah... I know... I little "over the deep-end" ... but I'm doing much better now.

  • glitter

    If I knew where my last blood-card was, I'd love to destroy it. I can't destroy books and mags cos they are mum's but I tried to burn my red "Youth" book and I couldn't get it to catch light (ooooohhhh) with a match, so I just threw it out.

  • Little Red Hen
    Little Red Hen

    I don't want to sell them on Ebay, what if a dub buys them? Aint that like giving crack to a junkie? If we donate them to randy, are they tax-deductable?

  • Kenneson

    I donated mine to the University of Southwestern Louisiana in Lafayette when I came to Florida. I have no clue what they did with them. I haven't been back since 1989 to find out.

  • unbeliever

    I let my brothers dog destroy my NWT bible. My bible became it's chew toy for the day. I had to run the sweeper to pick up all the little peices of paper all over the place. LOL

  • kaykay_mp
    I found some of my old WT books while doing some spring cleaning, and I just dumped them in the trash with the rest of the garbage.


    You know, I could just picture it. Garbage man discovers Watchtowers in the trash, feels moved, gets a study, and gets baptized.

    oooooo! you done did a bad thing, 1VTHokie!



  • Sunspot

    I boxed most of them up and had hubby haul them off to the county dump. It's a dump truck that's placed underground and you toss the trash into it. When it's full the workers drive it to a landfill where it's all bulldozed over.

    The same thoughts that were mentioned (all those finding a piece of a WT mag in a puddle and someboady bringing it home and ending up becoming a JW) went through my head, so I was pretty confident that wouldn't happen!

    I didn't even know what Ebay *was* back then and I sure figured I had no use for the crap and didn't want to give it to anyone-----but I'm kinda sorry not having kept some of it knowing how helpful it would an Apostate!


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