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  • vitty

    As I have never been to a church service ( except a wedding which I thought much nicer than our cold and impersonel talks) I wonder if they are as boring and repetitious as our meetings?

    I used to think it was me, that I wasnt spiritual or appreciative enough. I was so BORED.

    We would have a talk in the service meeting about how some complain about too many meetings or going over the same stuff, and then promptly say it was our fault!

    I mean being realistic, there is only so much you can discuss. So do all religions have the same problem???

    Is everyone at the meetings bored stiff? Or was it just us?

  • TresHappy

    Going to the Kingdom Hall is much like attending study hall rather than going to church. I mean really, we always had pen and paper in hand and at the WT study we raised our hands like in school. The difference between church and the KH is that most of the study is done at Sunday school and church is actually a worship service. I love the singing at church services. The pastor only talks for about 30 minutes, so we're out in about an hour...

  • gumby

    I've went to several churches upon exiting the organisation and I can honestly say the meetings at the hall were much less intresting.

    For one thing, at the Kingdom Hall, ......the talks are outlines we've all heard many many times. The songs are few and too familiar. There is no freedom of expression either....only comments made according to the written material assigned. No program for the children of any kind. There is no coffee and donuts served at the hall as do other churches for before or after services. In's always the same shit....nothing new or inventive.


  • Nosferatu

    Going to churches after leaving the KH was interesting. I found churches to be absolutely wacky!

    For those of you who attend other churches, no offense to you. These are just my opinions. Some of the hymns are down right scary. I hated it when the preacher would take that piece of tree and flick holy water at everyone in the audience. Then there's the catholic dude with the smoking incense speaking in tongues. And that whole father son holy ghost thing where you draw a cross on your chest is weird.

    I've come to a point where I will discard all religious actions. I'll attend a church for a wedding or funeral, but I will not bow my head in prayer, nor will I do that cross thing, nor will I sing the hymns. I'll stand and sit when asked and that's about it.

  • blondie

    It depends on the denomination. Many have a "script" they follow of prayers and chants, usually there is a book in front of you on the back of the pew. People will help you know what to do so you don't make a fool of yourself. I have attended a Catholic church and found that a lot of it was by rote, reading from a prayer book, etc, etc. Lutheran churches are similar. If you strip that all away, many churches have pastors or priests that given fine "Bible-based" sermons usually lasting from 15 to 30 minutes. At the KH I found it depended on the speaker's individual abilities and how much they prepared. I knew one brother that everyone sat up and paid attention to, he was funny and informative. Thank goodness, he is one of our fellow escapees.


  • pennycandy

    I went to a few non-denomination churches. Some were more formal, with an hour-long boring sermon. Most, though were upbeat, no dress code, lots of lively music, and a pastor that doesn't have to stand on two foot outlines directly behind the podium. The pastor where I attend now is wacky, funny, and motivational. I don't feel it's necessary to my worship, but it's an enjoyable experience.

  • yucca

    I love Calvary Chapel churchs. Thats where I learned real Bible Truths. I found Bible to be very exciting thru them.

  • Justin

    The primary difference is worship. As others have pointed out, what takes place at Kingdom Halls is primarily study and indoctrination, though it may be called worship. That being said, denominations do vary. Some Protestant or Evangelical churches are closer to the JWs, but their worship consists in having more prayer or singing. To really get an idea of worship, you need to attend what is known as a liturgical church - Episcopal (Anglican), Roman Catholic, or Orthodox. These services do tend to be repetitious, but the point is that God is given the glory - people are not just learning facts about God. So it's up to you if you want to attend some services (on the sly if you're still JW) and see for yourself.

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    I've been to a lot of different churches, and I find that the non-denominational Christian ones are the most enjoyable and inspiring: lots of good music, sermons and fellowship. The Pentecostal ones scare the bejesus out of me, and the Southern Baptist ones are a little too formal, however, the little country church down the road, the Pastor is very knowledgeable and helpful. I even was invited to one where they meet in each other's houses, the women wear long dresses, no makeup, and head coverings. I decided I didn't really want to go to one like that, as it's a little too "cultish" for me, but the people I talked to that invited me were nice enough!


  • Sunspot

    Basically, it seems (to me) that when you go to a church (the ones I've been in before age 31 and JW baptized) there was a feeling of reverence and where one worshipped.

    The KH is cold and impersonal (as someone said-like a study hall!) We were even told many times that we were there to *learn* and not be swept up in the trappings of a church-like surrounding. But I missed it---a lot. The last church I went to before becoming a JW, was a big beautiful Cathedral in Springfield MA. (With all the trimmings!) Going to the KH was quite a jolt to me!

    The first KH that I was taken to, was a small building in a rather seedy part of the city and had concrete floors and metal folding chairs. Quite a shock after having been attending the biggest (and most magnificent) church in the city.

    I was originally baptized in infancy in the Methodist church, made my confirmation in the Congregational church at age 12, and began going to the Catholic church in my teens when I stayed overnight with a girlfriend and was so impressed with it, I stayed there until my stupid JW mistake.

    I have visited several other denominations with friends and have even gone to a Synagogue on occasion, so I didn't just hop from only a Catholic church to a KH! The only major difference was that if I changed my mind about attending a KH (after foolishly being baptized) was that my whole life would be viciously turned upside down forever.

    As with everything else, it seemed as if the WTS went so far overboard to show they're "not like the world", that they look foolish in the effort!


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