Buddha Answers Prayers

by Big Tex 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • jst2laws

    Cruzan and Tex,

    If this keeps up we may be looking for property in your neck of the woods, Joy!

    You need to know first what he has allergies to. Then look to moving away from those allergens. It has worked well for us to be on the coast of Florida. We thought we would not live through Salems bouts but then Seth eventually, while in hospital care, went into respirator arrest and ending up on life support in Atlanta's Chidlrens hospital.

    Its all about allergens in the living environment. Start there, while continuing with aggressive immunologic therapy.

    Tell the critter we said HI. And if the dog pooping in his bed room cheers him up I'm sure rubbing Buddha's belly helps too. If it would make a difference I will come and take a dump in his bedroom.


  • orangefatcat

    Wether or not you belief in budda, it doesn't matter because your little guy is a okay. And thats all that matters.

    Funny my son believes many of the Buddist teaching. I bought him a large Budda which presently sits on a shelf in my living room. I believe that if rubbing Budda's belly made him well enough to go home and who are we to say it didn't happen because of what your son did. Anything is possible.

    Asthma is a nasty buisness for a little fellow, I have asthma also, but its not the same as when little ones have attacks. As they could die from an attack. So I am happy he is good now.

    Love to you all


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