Buddha Answers Prayers

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  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    My son, Jackson, was admitted to the hospital on Monday. He has asthma and had a severe enough attack that his lips began to turn blue. At any rate, he hates hospitals, more to the point he hates IVs (can't say I blame him) as well as being awakened at 2:00 a.m. just to have blood pressure checked. He told every nurse, respiratory therapist and doctor who saw him how much he hated it there, how much he missed his dog Moose and how much he wanted to go home. (He was delighted when we told him Moose went potty and poop in his room while he was gone; must be a guy thing.)

    His sister, Jennie, has recently expressed an interest in Buddhism and she now has a little 3 inch Buddha which she gave to Jackson on Monday. He kept it by his bedside. This morning the doctor said he might release Jackson but that he needed to check some records at his office first. Jackson immediately grabbed the little Buddha and rubbed his fat tummy frantically saying over and over, "I want out! Please Buddha!! I want out! Please Buddha!!"

    The doctor called later and said he would release Jackson to go home. I asked Jackson if he thought Buddha got him out of the hospital. He rolled his eyes, looked at me with an indulgent and patient look and said, as if explaining to one simple minded, "Daddy. No, of course not."

    So Jackson is home, Moose is re-learning where do to his business and Buddha is resting comfortably.

  • Elsewhere

    lol... too cute...

    Rub that buddha belly!

  • stillajwexelder

    went potty and poop in his room while he was gone;

    If shit happens it must be the will of Allah

  • Joyzabel

    *oh gawd, having awful flash backs to daughter's hospitalizations*

    Please, BT, find a good allergist and go through immunotherapy. It helped Salem ALOT.

    and get a nebulizer for your self. Start treatment before getting to the hospital


  • Brummie

    Yes! too cute! lol.

    Glad he is ok now, what a worry this must have been on you all.


  • stillajwexelder

    and on a serious note - asthma is a frightening condition when somebody is having an attack -especially a little one because thay do not know what is happening - glad to hear everything is OK

  • nilfun

    Aren't children the bestest? I'm glad Jackson is doing better :)

  • xenawarrior

    ((((((Jackson)))))))) Hope you are feeling better quickly!!!!!

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    Please, BT, find a good allergist and go through immunotherapy. It helped Salem ALOT

    Joy, I know you and Steve know what it's like. I'm glad you guys got through okay.

    The allergist we're seeing now is considered one of the best in Dallas. Unfortunately it's taken a year to get his attention away from allergy shots (which only made Jackson sick every single time he tried) and on to the larger issue of how his allergies are inflaming asthma attacks. It helped that we got a CT scan of his sinuses which showed that the maxillary (sp) sinuses were 95% impacted. He told us he wants to treat this "aggressively" (thank God!) and we're going to see him tomorrow morning. He's got Jack on steroids for 2 months and antibiotics for a month as he feels there is an underlying virus that's gone unnoticed.

    Of course, we told him that a year ago, but we don't have a degree so what do we know, eh!

  • cruzanheart

    He's an immunologist too, so he's already starting to think about doing some immune therapy (or whatever it's called) once he finishes all the steroids and antibiotics this time around. And we've had a nebulizer in the house for years -- never had to use it as much as we have the past few months, though, poor little guy!

    If this keeps up we may be looking for property in your neck of the woods, Joy!



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