Does you feel guilty for those you brought into the org?

by ddean3673 12 Replies latest jw friends

  • ddean3673

    Don't really know how I feel about that one. My brother is in the truth because of what I "taught" him as well as my "example" according to others and him (he doesn't know my official stand yet). An earlier post opened my eyes a little...I know now I didn't do it alone, and that I was trained to bring in others (one thing that I must say the training really helped me in my career as a Sales Director, ironically enough).

    I was just wondering how other people view this.

  • Dustin

    The only person I ever brought in was my wife. Thankfully she quit when I did. None of my studies ever made it all the way to baptism. So I don't feel guilty for that.


  • frankiespeakin

    Yeah sometimes I feel alittle guilty about bringing some in the WT. But I don't feel that guilty just occassionaly.

  • jeanniebeanz

    God, yes! very...


  • ddean3673

    Should have been do you...was does anyone, then changed it...grammar.

    Now I feel embarrassed someitmes looking back at the things I sais to people, too. Like "there's no sense in me going to college, won't need it"

  • Puternut

    I used to feel guilty for having raised my own childeren this way.

    Let me explain:

    When I was a new elder, I was approached by the circuit overseer and a bunch of elders, and was firmly asked to notify my disfellowshipped father to have no further contact with him. I was heartbroken and confused. After all, he had been to my wedding in the KH a few years earlier, and I felt it was a personal decision. But being young and new, under pressure, and 'wanting to do what is right' I blindly followed their counsel.

    I raised two children, and explained 'the reason' why they also could not talk to grandpa. And so, they in turn followed my 'example' Being disfellowshipped myself ( a term I don't like to use, because it's THEIR restriction and not mine) My children are now following my own example of not having any communicating with me.. And so I have lost them to this 'organization'

    Do I feel guilty about this? Not anymore. I have to resolve in my mind, that I did what I thought was right (wrong as it was) The lure and attraction of the religion was strong and powerful. But in the end, I know, that they are aware that I was struggling with the organization. I was high up in the organization, and had many issues with doctrine. My children saw a glimpse of that as well, and hope they will open their eyes one of these days.

    If you haven't seen the movie 'Saved!" yet, you should. There is an underlying message for people within christian faiths. And it applies to most organized religions, and the implact it has on them. It's rated PG-13 and I know most JW kids watch PG-13 movies.


  • Golf

    Nope, I did what I thought was the right thing at the time. Like today, I'm doing the right thing without guilt.


  • bagpuss

    I didn't bring anyone into the org, but i do feel really guilty that my children missed out on so many birthdays and christmases when they were young. It doesn't seem to worry them but I feel really bad that they missed out because of something that I believed and now can see was wrong.

  • BrendaCloutier

    I'm great at marketing and customer service, but a lousy sales person and never made a close.

    I don't think I'd feel guilty because everyone has a choice a brain and free will.

    I was raised JW, but I made a choice when I became an adult. I knew it would hurt my parents, that they would shun me, but I could not live a lie. My parents restrictions were their own, not mine.

    Good question, though.


  • Incense_and_Peppermints

    i never brought anyone in, thank god. i do feel kinda funny about taking my son to the KH that time, but he got a good laff out of it and saw everything with his own eyes and formed his own conclusions about the witnesses without my having to say a single word...

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