How did 1975 affect you?

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  • outoftheorg

    Well by the time 1975 got here, I already had some doubts. I was an elder and some of my co conspiritors (elders) had it in for me.

    I recall being upset and confused at the elders being angry with a brother who, himself was angry at the 1975 fiasco. The labels were looked at and anyone not so pleased with the wbts was labeled as a 1975ER.

    All of the frustration and anger was delt with as any mentally disturbed person would.

    Don't blame the wbts. Blame yourself or other members or family, for ones own emotional pain.

    It was the end of the wbts in my mind but unfortunally it was also the beginning, of the end of my marriage and most of my family relationships.

    It took a while in coming but it was all tied together and slowly but surely, my life and the life of my family changed totally.

    I think this took place in every congregation and that is responsible for the organization as we see it now.

    It is filled with rules and regulations and the matching punishments. With a heartless and dogmatic leadership.

    Behaving not like kind and loving men but coldhearted and destructive.

    Again, they don't see the problems as theirs, so they cast their anger and frustration at the followers.

    " we must beat the employees until their attitude improves"


  • kilroy2

    I will never forget, all the talk, and most of it pushed by the socity, although they put the blame on the rank and file later on.

    there were so many familys that quit their jobs down state, and came up north to get away from the collapsing citys, with just enough money to get them to 76.

    my father in law, quit general moters, came north, the guardners, nielsons, hollwells,irvins, and many many more familys, kundes, ect. all came north to sit and wait till 75 came and ended the world, when 76 came, 77,78,79, most had to rethink their situation and go to work, many left and got work in other states.

    the socity pushed the idea of the end in 75, on a group alread and willing to gobble up any time set, implied or other wise, then to shit on them after the fact with, the rank and file were to quick to jump ahead of the socity and say 75 was the time of the end. yah right,, like old shit for brains freedie franze did not push this idea in every piece of crap they printed,

    so many lives have been screwed up by the socity it is not funny, you know the socity would not stand a snowballs chance in hell if they relied of older people that have seen the crap they spewed over the years. they live on the young mush for brains kids that mom and dad said this is true so it must be true.

    It is very hard to say that what you were taught as a child was wrong. but that is what you must do.

    I will never forget setting in the assembly hall in holt, and they had a skit with 2 young bros, the first said to the other ,"I am going to collage when we are out of school this year" the other goes "I am taking a part time job shoveling potatos and pionering" [no crap, he said shoveling potatos] then the kid going to collage said " you know I should rethink my going to collage, maybe I should get a part time job and pioner" then they kissed and ran off stage. just kidding about the kissing part. I just think they were gay, not that there is anything wrong with being, gay,.

  • Stradman

    I was baptized in September 1973, just as I began my last year of high school. I was under tremendous pressure form my peers at the congregation and those at school not to pursue a college education, not to mention the organization in general.

    My mother, who was not a witness, and my teachers, had big plans for me. I had, reluctantly applied to various universities and in particular to the best engineering and architecture schools in my country. I was accepted in the engineering school but not in the architectural school, which only took 50 students per year.

    The news from the school of architecture gave me the opportunity to avoid college altogether and despite graduating at the top of my class; I accepted a job with a small engineering firm earning $1.75 an hour. My mother and teachers were extremely disappointed. Although I had my doubts about 1975, the comfort of having the approval of the congregation was enough to calm any feelings of regret I may and indeed harbored about my decision.

    Like many others during that period, experienced the rude awakening to a delayed Armageddon and made the best of the poor choices we made. Eventually, through sheer persistence and dedication, I became qualified as a civil engineer some twenty years after the fact. The economic losses as a result of following this route are incalculable.

    Today, I have become acquainted with countless similar stories of men and women who wasted precious years of their lives chasing Armageddon. Now at 48, I have experienced fatherhood for the first time and today, one day after the inauguration of president Busch, experienced a sense of patriotism and gratitude to this country for all that freedom represents, freedom of choice, even if I do not agree with some of the corrupt things done in the name of that freedom.

    I thank God that He gave me a wakeup call this early in my life. Others, at the sunset of their lives, have not been so fortunate. Some are at Bethel and, although they know better, are trapped and see no place to go. They are in too far.

    God bless and comfort, all of you whose lives were affected by the teachings of immodest and plain old wicked men who sat on the throne of Christ for a season.


  • aniron

    I was called on by two young JW's, looked about 20-25, on Wednesday afternoon.

    As this subject was on here I asked them about 1975.

    They looked at me blank "What about 1975?" they asked.

    I explained

    "Are you sure it was JW's that said that and not some other religion" one said.

    I went and got the information etc.

    Still got the blank looks. Asked them if Bro J, was still in the congregation. They said yes. When you see him next ask him about 1975. Especially the talk he gave in March 1974, telling us to do more as there was less than a year left to save people. If he denies ever giving the talk, tell him that S.M. still has it on tape.

    I'm wondering if they ever will.

  • Beans

    1975= Fear of polyester!

  • observador

    Ohh, it affected me greatly. My parents got into the JW religion because of the "urgency" of 1975.

    See? If it wasn't for 1975, I wouldn't be having this conversation with you today.


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