Remember asking to be a part of the Theocratic Ministry School?

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  • Kimmee

    And giving your first talk? I found my first talk I gave. I was so corny and nervous and get graded for your efforts and the rehearsing for sisters with other sisters. And brothers having to rehearse for their parts and having to time your talks for five minutes. After I joined the school it seemed like I had to give a talk every other month and they would come quick. I am soooooooooo glad I don't have to do that anymore. Anyone feel the same way?

  • Little Red Hen
    Little Red Hen

    I looked forward to it, because public speaking was part of my secular job. Had no problem with it. I think that is why I was never allowed to enroll, just be an unbaptized book pusher.

  • iiz2cool

    I hated giving talks with a passion. I eventually quit the school.


  • Dustin

    I was actually really good at it. I found that I am very comftorable up on stage. However giving talks about JW topics is stupid. I always used to hate when they'd assign you totaly gay topics, and expect you to be enthused about it. I mean c'mon what 15 year old kid wants to talk about adultry or masturbation or something along those lines.


  • Kimmee

    Dustin you are making me laugh over here "gay topics" they were pretty lame especially about ones you may not have agreed with or wanted to discuss...LOL


    As a kid I was in the ministry school since I was able to read.I got bored with it as I got older and decided to use the opportunity to do a little comedy.It only happened once,but I never saw my name on the ministry school list again.LOL!.....OUTLAW

  • upside/down

    I don't think I've ever dreaded anything as much as public speaking- I despised it. I would get physically ill, dry heave etc.

    After 10 years of forced volunteer practice I actually became pretty good. I even go to the point I enjoyed it!

    But "liking and enjoying" were qualities unbecoming a WTS clone so I needed some "humbling". You FINALLY get good at SOMETHING and they gotta wreck your parade.

    I actually go to conduct the TMS. But when I counseled the old farts instead of just leaving the status quo alone, I was promptly removed. Arrogant sob that I am, I counseled them on timing (they always went 5-15 minutes OT) among other things, they showed me who was boss.

    That's when I realized that it's all a game. Oh well, their loss...

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  • Dustin

    I once had to do a talk about the whole " marry only in the lord" topic. Funny thing was no one knew I had a "worldly" girlfriend. Talk about feeling stupid when your'e up there. I was good enough though, that I lied straight faced the whole time. I remember people telling me what a good talk it was after the meeting. I was like yeah if only you had any idea.


  • filip

    I dont know how many of you know it, but for not so long ago they renewed the Theocratic school system. Brothers no longer get assigned a topic were they both have to read a piece from the bible, AND analyse and make a talk about it. Now you only get to read a piece from the bible, OR only make a talk about some topic they use. I dont mind getting the ones were you only have to read from the bible... I mean, with those you can just quickly read them through a few minutes before youre going on stage and then read it perfect. Whenever they assign a talk where I have to make everything myself over a given topic, I just turn it back and refuse. The first time I did so, I think it was the first time for the ministry teacher or whatever hes called that he had ever got an assignment back just for the reason: "I dont bother making it." lol

  • Preston

    My first talk was from Isaiah 32. It was suppose to be 5 minutes...I went 2...maybe 3 minutes over, the school overseer tried to get my attention but couldn't....I was counseled twice...another elder later told me the counsel was wrong (I guess since I was a newbie) .... I later became school assistant, even temporarily conducting the school one time. I will say the school helped me become a better speaker... there, being a dub benefited me one way...

    - Preston

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