Remember asking to be a part of the Theocratic Ministry School?

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  • buffalosrfree

    I remember my 1st time at the spring valley, ca cong, i was told i was on the list to give a talk and i quickly informed the school conductor that no i wasn't on the list and that i didnt give him or anyone else my permission to put me on the list either. Needless to say i didn't give the talk. what a bunch of hoots. everytime i drive by that place which is oftn i get a huge adrenaline rush, it is so nice to be free of the borg.

  • jws

    No, I don't ever remember asking to be a part of the Theocratic Ministry School. My parents did that for me. I was pissed.

    I absolutely dreaded getting up in front of an audience. I barely looked up. As it was, it was agreed that I'd only give talks in the second school that met in the basement with a smaller crowd. Then one time they scheduled me for upstairs. My parents dared me to quit and I did. Then got lectured to about it.

    Now, I don't really have a problem. I work for a fortune 500 company and have given presentations for some of our vice presidents on several occassions and for other large and small groups of people. I can't say I'm always 100% relaxed - maybe 90%. But when I'd gave talks at the hall, I wasn't relaxed one bit. I'd always walk off stage, cursing under my breath. Anybody who watched my facial expressions could tell I was pissed that I had to be up there.

    As a good point, my parents wrote all my talks for me. I certainly didn't. They were having a hard enough time with me being nervous about getting up there that they wrote them for me to help out.

  • franklin J
    franklin J

    yes,, I do rmember. I gave my first talk at 12 years old. I also became good a public speaking and was always asked to do "last minute" talks for those who did not show up. Does anyone still remember the Aid book ( that word has taken on another meaning these days) " Aid to Bible Understanding"

    The public speaking part was fun; the subject matter was always dull.

    One good thing it did was prepare me for a life in front of an audience. That practice serves me well now when I give presentations to clients.

  • stillajwexelder

    Yes remeber it with great fondness - the theocratic school is a wonderful -it is the best provison by far and the most useful of the WTBTS - it trained me to become a good public speaker - mind you I always loved public speaking anyway

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  • orangefatcat

    One of the best things I ever did was join the KMS. I used every advantage available to participate. In one congregation I was on the School everyweek. When I moved to Montreal in the French congregation I gave talks about once a month as they were a little more challenging. But the french brothers and sisters were very helpful. They clapped after everytalk I gave. I put my heart and soul into learning french and becoming a fleunt speaker in the language. But my husband now my ex, was not doing well in French and no one could understand a word he was saying. He had trouble even speaking in English as he was forever running words together and barely took a breathe in between sentences. Then we moved to the Park cong. in Montreal and was there for several years. I was on the school almost every week and also on the service meeting. The org. told cong. they could no longer clap for a students talk. But if it was very good you could clap. I always recieved clapping for my parts. I am not braging just that it made me feel wonderful to know that the cong appreciated my work. It goes a long way when you are blessed with the gift of the gab. And that was my forte. I enjoyed doing it very much.

    My school counsel sheet was all a straight line of "G" s until one day the school servant said I had to many G's and needed to improve on something and he said, this at the meeting and sure enough my perfect sheet had NI. He said it will keep me humble. I was a little annoyed about it. But he knew I didn't need that mark. He was just being a jerk..

    Anyways that is something that I wished for a sister to givea public talk. But no way in the org.. Which is really too bad as there are many sisters who were eloquent speakers. And they could reach your heart. It is a blessing indeed when gifted this way. I was pretty lucky. And one other thing 99% of the time I never used notes. Only if my householder was nervous then they needed some notes. I was able to end a sentence in a way that a person would spontainiouly respond.

    I felt so very sorry for those who nerves were bad and sufferred greatly. Many brothers get very nervous. And I would feel sad that they would lose their spot in their talks.

    Well I really did like doing that feature of being a JW. go figure..

    Love Orangefatcat..

  • Poztate

    What I remember was that everyone clapped at the end of your first time talk in the MS.(good or bad)

    Do they still do that? It's probably to "encourage" you to keep going and not give it up.

    Never did really enjoy it and always did my parts at the last minute.

  • Aude_Sapere

    I remember my first talk. I was 9 and my parents had only been studying for a few months. I was the first in my family to join the TMS.

    Subject: 'Court Judicial, The Sanhedrin' - for a 9-year-old newie??!!? LOL

    It was in the main hall and everyone clapped.

    They also congratulated my parents on writing such a fine talk for a child. Parents said, 'Huh?? We don't do her homework. She's the one that's in the school, she wrote it herself.' No one believed them, but it was true. I never got help with any of my talks.

    Hated giving them in the 2nd school, though. If I had to go through all the effort to put it together, EVERYbody better pay attention!

    I remember being annoyed that noone clapped for my second talk...


  • Dan-O
    Remember asking to be a part of the Theocratic Ministry School?

    No, but I remember being TOLD I was going to be a part of it.

  • TresHappy

    I joined the TMS out of an obligation to my parents. My parents told me that it would be better for me in the ministry and I would learn more about Jehovah. I joined it and looked forward to the talks I gave in the back room only, the ones up front petrified me.

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